Vodafone Lets You ‘Choose Your Number’ With its New Service in Delhi – Check Out the Process!

Vodafone, the second-largest mobile network operator in India has announced a new service in India today allowing users to ‘Choose Your Number’ so that one can select their preferred numbers as mobile numbers. Vodafone India now allows users from Delhi and NCR regions to select their favorite mobile numbers for new prepaid and postpaid connections. You can now choose your desired numbers and the service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid users. The numeric combination of the mobile numbers is based on their choice.

The users of Vodafone will now be able to choose their mobile number combinations based on their lucky numbers, car registration number, date of birth etc. The ‘Choose Your Number” facility offered by the Vodafone company will be available across all the stores in the capital. Customers can approach any of the 52 stores and 212 mini stores and over 40000 Multi Brand Outlets (MBOs) where they are purchasing the new Vodafone prepaid connection.

Vodafone: Choose Your ‘Preferred’ Number
With ‘Choose Your Number’ service offered by Vodafone, the prepaid customers in Delhi & NCR regions can opt for numeric combinations based on their lucky number, car registration number, date of birth, anniversary or any other number of your desired choice. You can visit any mini store for the availability of the desired combination.

Apoorva Mehrotra, Business Head, Delhi & NCR, Vodafone India, said, “Our customer research indicates that there is a deep interest among the mobile users to have numbers aligned with some significant event in their lives. With Choose Your Number offer we want to acknowledge the faith they have invested in our network and offer another benefit to the prospective customers who have shown interest in subscribing to Vodafone.”

For post-paid customers, first 4 digits are fixed and for pre-paid, first 5 digits are fixed, rest of the combination can be chosen by the customers, said an official of the company.

How to Obtain Your Desired Number?
To obtain a mobile number of your favorite combination, you need to follow some procedure. All this process is very simple and you can get your desired number as your mobile number. Simply follow the below steps:

Initially, submit a request application at any of the nearest Vodafone stores in the Delhi/NCR region.
Once you have submitted your application, the retailer will check on their system whether there is an availability of the requested number.
The retailer will notify you if the number is available for allotment.
After getting notified by the retailer, the available number will be allotted to the particular customer by the traditional method depending on their need, whether it is for prepaid or postpaid.
The customer needs to deposit the requisite documents for activation.
Vodafone India said it has entered into the telecom service in the year 2007 and it has invested Rs 1,11,000 crore in the country. It also said that it will invest an additional Rs 13,000 crore for capacity augmentation and new business initiatives. The company has launched 3G services in the country in January–March quarter of 2011 and thinks to contribute up to $500 million within two years on its 3G networks.

Vodafone has secured a top place, the second largest service provider in telecom operator in India after Airtel, with a market share of 22.95%. With the launch of this new service, it aims at more number of users moves towards its network so that it can expand its popularity all over India. The firm is planning to roll out the ‘Choose your Number’ service in phases and soon will be available in rest of the regions in India.

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