Opera Max now supports audio compression, offering data savings of up to 50 percent on Gaana and Saavn

Opera Software has announced the latest version of its recently launched data savings app called Opera Max. The app that works on Android smartphones offers data savings when browsing using mobile data connections and the new update makes things even better.


With its latest update, the Opera Max software now supports audio compression as well. What this means is that users can now enjoy data savings of up to 50 percent by installing the app. The new update allows users to turn on data savings on music streaming websites like Saavn, Gaana and more, letting you enjoy music streaming using mobile data without worrying about connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Opera claims that data compression is indeed the way ahead for countries like India where 97.4 million people in urban areas listen to music online.  The JuxtSmartMandate study also pointed out that listening to online music is the third-most preferred activity, followed by mail and social media.

Sergey Lossev, Product Manager at Opera Software commented, “More and more people love listening to their favorite music with apps; however, these apps are among the major data hogs consuming users’ mobile data quickly,”.

Opera Max utilizes its Rocket Optimizer. This is a technology that was acquired by Opera after the acquisition of Skyfire, one which Opera seems to have tuned to perfection to work flawlessly across devices. With the latest Opera Max update, the optimizer now supports both MP3 and MP4 stream formats, and it can also convert streams to the more efficient AAC+ codec that works well with low bit-rate connections. For now Opera Max is only available for download on Android smartphones via the Google Play Store.

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