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Some State House elections still undeclared for Districts 1-50

The Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.

(The Center Square) – Many of Michigan’s state House races have been narrowed down to two party-nominated candidates.

Tuesday’s election broke previous records for the number of absentee ballots received, even before the election.

More than 1.28 million absent voter ballots had been cast as of Monday morning, breaking the record November 2016 General Election’s record of 1.27 million

In District 1, Democrat Rep. Tenisha Yancey will face off against Republican Latricia Lanier.

In District 2, Democrat incumbent Joe Tate will battle Republican Mayra Rodriguez.

Democrat millionaire Shri Thanedar will face off against Republican Anita Vinson in the Third District.

In District 4, Democrat Abraham Aiyash will battle Republican Howard Weathington.

Democrat Incumbent Cynthia Johnson seized over 60 percent of votes and will face Republican Harold Day in District 5.

Democrat incumbent Tyrone Carter fended off his spot in District 6 with over 57 percent of the vote. No Republican will challenge Carter in November.

In District 7, Democrat Helena Scott will oppose Republican Ronald Cole.

In District 8, Democrat Stephanie Young will face Republican Miroslawa Gorak in November.

In District 9, Democrat Karen Whitsett will challenge Republican James Stephen.

In District 10, Democrat Mary Cavanagh will face Republican Cathy Alcorn.

In District 11, Democrat incumbent Jewell Jones, the youngest state representative in Michigan’s history at 25, will battle Republican James Townsend.

In District 12, Democrat incumbent Alex Garza seized 76 percent of the vote and will combat Republican Michelle Bailey.

In District 13, Democrat Tullio Liberati will battle Republican Megan Frump, who ran unopposed.

In District 14, incumbent Democrat Cara Clemente will face Republican Darrell Stasik.

In District 15, Democrat Abdullah Hammoud will face Republican Carla O’Neill in November. Neither were challenged.

In District 16, Republican Emily Bauman garnered over 75 percent of the vote to fend off challenger Josephine Brown. No Democrat will challenge Bauman in November.

In District 17, Democrat Christopher Slat took 63 percent of the party vote and will face Republican incumbent Joe Bellino in November.

In District 18, Democrat incumbent Kevin Hertel took 72 percent of the vote over two challengers. Hertel will battle one of two Republicans, who have a spread of four votes and haven’t yet declared a winner.

Democrat incumbent Laurie Pohutsky will face Republican Martha Ptashnick in District 19.

In District 20, Democrat incumbent Matt Koleszar will likely battle Republican John Lacny, who’s leading a challenger with 58.8 percent of the vote and 74 percent of precincts reporting.

In District 21, only 23 percent of precincts have reported so far.

In District 22, Democrat Richard Steenland took 51 percent of the vote. Steenland will face Republican Steven Warner, who edged out challenger Jeff Bonnell by 116 votes.

In District 23, Democrat incumbent Darrin Camilleri will face Republican John Poe.

Democrat Michelle Woodman will battle incumbent Republican Steve Marino in District 24.

In District 25, Democrat incumbent Nate Shannon will battle Republican Paul Smith.

In District 26, Democrat incumbent Jim Ellison will face Republican Chris Meister in November.

In District 27, Democrat Regina Weiss will battle Republican Elizabeth Goss in November.

In District 28, Democrat incumbent Lori Stone will face Republican Stephen Colegio.

In District 29, Democrat incumbent Brenda Carter will face Republican Dave Sullivan.

In District 30, Democrat Michael Chehab will battle Republican incumbent Dianna Farrington.

In District 31, Democrat incumbent William Sowerby will face Republican Lisa Valerio-Nowc.

Democrat Justin Boucher will battle Republican incumbent Pamela Hornberger for the District 32 seat.

Democrat Olu Jabari will face Republican incumbent Jeff Yaroch in District 33.

Democrat Cynthia Neeley will take on Republican James Miraglia in District 34.

Democrat incumbent Kyra Bolden will battle Republican Daniela Davis for the seat of District 35.

Democrat Robert Murphy will face Republican incumbent Douglas Wozniak in District 36.

In District 37, Democrat Samantha Steckloff will battle Republican Mitch Swoboda.

Two Democrats are within 200 votes of each other, and the winner will take on Republican Chase Turner in District 38.

Democrat Julia Pulver will face Republican incumbent Ryan Berman for the 39th District seat.

Democrat incumbent Mari Manoogian will face Republican Kendra Cleary for the 40th District seat.

In District 41, Democrat incumbent Padma Kuppa will battle Republican Andrew Sosnocki.

In District 42, Democrat Donnie Bettes will take on Republican incumbent Ann Bollin.

Democrat Nicole Breadon will face Republican incumbent Andrea Schroeder in District 43.

In District 44, Democrat Denise Forrest will battle Republican incumbent Matt Maddock.

Democrat Barb Anness will vie for the 45th District with Republican Mark Tisdel.

In District 46, Democrat Jody LaMacchia will battle incumbent Republican John Reilly.

Democrat Adam Smiddy will face Republican Robert Bezotte for the 47th District seat, while Democrat incumbent Sheryl Kennedy will face Republican David Martin in the 48th District.

Democrat incumbent John Cherry will face Republican Bryan Lutz in the 49th District.

In District 50, Democrat incumbent Tim Sneller will battle Christina Fitchett-Hickson.

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