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Michigan establishes slate for state House elections for Districts 51-110 – although some races remain undeclared

The Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.

(The Center Square) – Many of Michigan’s state House races have been narrowed down to two party-nominated candidates.

In District 51, one of two Democrats will face Republican incumbent Mike Mueller in November. The votes are still being counted.

Democrat incumbent Donna Lasinski will battle Republican Greg Marquis for the 52 District seat.

Democrat incumbent Yousef Rabhi will take on Republican Jean Holland for the 53 District seat.

Democrat incumbent Ronnie Peterson and Republican Martin Church will battle for the 54 District seat.

In the District 55, Democrat Brabec will oppose Republican Bob Baird.

Exactly 14 votes separate two Democrats candidates in District 56, and the winner will take on TC Clements. There’s no declared winner yet.

Democrat Will Garcia will battle Republican incumbent Bronna Kahle in District 57.

Democrat Tamara Barnes will oppose Republican Andrew Fink for the seat of District 58.

Democrat Amy East will take on Republican Steve Carra in District 59.

In District 60, Democrat Julie Rogers will face Republican Gary Mitchell.

Democrat Christine Morse will compete with Republican Bronwyn Haltom for the seat of District 61.

Democrat incumbent Jim Haadsma will take on Republican Dave Morgan in District 62.

In District 63, Less than 100 votes separate two Democrat candidates, and the winner will take on Republican incumbent Matt Hall.

Democrat Sandra Hofman-Kingston will vie with Republican incumbent Julie Alexander for the seat of District 64.

Democrat Nancy Smith will compete with Republican incumbent Sarah Lightner for District 65’s seat.

In District 66, Democrat Abigail Wheeler will battle Republican incumbent Beth Griffin.

Democrat incumbent Kara Hope will oppose Republican Nate Ross for the seat of District 67.

Democrat incumbent Sarah Anthony will take on Republican Robert Atkinson for District 68’s seat.

In District 69, Democrat incumbent Julie Brixie will battle Republican Grace Norris.

Democrat Karen Garvey will oppose Republican Pat Outman for District 70’s seat.

Democrat incumbent Angela Witwer will face Gina Johnsen in District 71.

In District 72, Democrat Lily Cheng-Schulting will battle Republican incumbent Steven Johnson.

Democrat Bill Saxton will face Bryan Posthumus for the seat of District 73.

Democrat Meagan Hintz will oppose Republican incumbent Mark Huizenga for District 74.

In District 75, Democrat incumbent David LaGrand will battle Republican James McKeiver.

Democrat incumbent Rachel Hood will vie with Republican Doug Zandstra for District 76.

Democrat Bob Smith will oppose Republican incumbent Tommy Brann for the seat of District 77.

In District 78, Democrat Dan VandenHeede will battle Republican incumbent Brad Paquette.

Democrat Chokwe Pitchford will oppose Republican incumbent Pauline Wendzel for District 79.

Democrat Erik Almquist will face Republican incumbent Mary Whiteford in District 80.

In District 81, Democrat Debbie Bourgois will battle Republican incumbent Gary Eisen.

Two Democrat candidates are within 100 votes in District 82, and the winner will face Republican incumbent Gary Howell.

Democrat Stephanie Armstrong-Helton will oppose Republican Andrew Beeler in District 83.

In District 84, Democrat Patrick Wood will battle Republican incumbent Phil Green.

Democrat Andrea Garrison will take on Republican incumbent Ben Frederick for District 85.

Democrat Sue Hayes will oppose Republican incumbent Thomas Albert in District 86.

In District 87, Democrat Jay Molette will face Republican incumbent Julie Calley.

Democrat Franklin Cornielle will battle Republican incumbent Luke Meerman for the seat of District 88.

Democrat Anita Brown will take on Republican incumbent Jim Lilly for District 89’s seat.

In District 90, Democrat Christopher Banks will challenge Republican incumbent Bradley Slagh.

Democrat Brian Hosticka will oppose Republican incumbent Greg VanWoerkom in District 91.

Democrat incumbent Terry Sabo will battle Republican Michael Haueisen in District 92.

In District 93, Democratic Muhammad Rais will take on Republican incumbent Graham Filler.

Democrat Demond Tibbs will challenge Republican incumbent Rodney Wakeman in District 94.

Democrat Amos O’Neal will oppose Republican Charlotte DeMaet in District 95.

In District 96, Democrat incumbent Brian Elder will take one Republican Timothy Beson.

Democrat Celia Young-Wenkel will battle Republican incumbent Jason Wentworth in District 97.

Democrat Sarah Schulz will challenge Republican incumbent Annette Glenn in District 98.

In District 99, Democrat John Zang will oppose Republican incumbent Roger Hauck.

Democrat Sandy Clarke will take one Republican incumbent Scott VanSingel in District 100.

Democrat Beth McGill-Rizer will battle Republican incumbent Jack O’Malley for the seat of District 101.

In District 102, Democrat Amanda Siggins will oppose Republican incumbent Michele Hoitenga.

Democrat Zach Larson will take one Republican incumbent Daire Rendon in the 103 District.

Democrat Dan O’Neil will challenge Republican John Roth in District 104.

In District 105, Democrat Jonathan Burke will battle Republican Ken Borton.

Democrat LeAnne Johnson will take on Republican incumbent Sue Allor in District 106.

Democrat Jim Page will oppose Republican John Damooose for the seat of District 107.

In District 108, Democrat Renee Richer will challenge Republican incumbent Beau LaFave.

Democrat incumbent Sara Cambensy will battle Republican Melody Wagner in District 109.

Democrat Janet Metsa will take one Republican incumbent Gregory Markkanen in District 110.

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