Sir Racha introduced as the first Australian made sriracha

Sir Racha has taken the traditional sriracha hot sauce to new heights – creating a sauce that is full of flavour but respectful to your tastebuds, giving a mild punch that everyone can enjoy.

Sir Racha’s Original Hot Sauce is made using sun ripened, red, Australian jalapenos fermented with garlic & onion to bring out natural sugars. This naturally sweetened mix is blended with vinegar to give it a sour tang.

“There is nothing better than a sauce you can use liberally on everything. It’s sweet, salty, sour and has that little bit of punch. With no added sugar, it really is a pantry staple.” – Eric Robinson, Hot Sauce Development Officer at Sir Racha

Boasting just 2.6 calories, zero grams of fat and only 23mg of sodium per
serve, Sir Racha is a healthy, all natural product that supports Australian farmers & families.

Grab your bottle of Sir Racha now from selected retail outlets or visit for more information.

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