HutSix enters South Australia with a big time scale-up venture

Software engineering firm, HutSix is increasingly making waves as it enters the South Australian digital innovation realm. From its origins in Alice Springs building custom software for remote health practitioners and various Indigenous organisations, HutSix has spent the last six months making some firm decisions about the direction they want to take. They’ve got their eyes set on South Australia.

Last week, CEO Brad Bellette and EA Erika Hamilton, sat with leaders from some of South Australia’s most influential technology and innovation spaces to talk about the change they want to create. More than just custom software, HutSix has found its fire in tackling the social equity disparity in regional and remote Australia.

Speaking with the likes of AWS South Australia, 42, MIT, Lot Fourteen, Nik&Co Consulting and other change makers, it is clear that the HutSix vision is one that others are keen to support. Further than that, it’s new territory for a software led business to enter.

The conversations that Brad and Erika have been having in Adelaide in recent months hope to build solid relationships in the industry to strengthen and support the way forward in their change-making mission.

As part of their full-steam-ahead approach, HutSix has entered into a sponsorship agreement with innovative education partner, 42 to take on a spade of new cadets throughout the year. The pair presented their values and approach to a booked out audience of 42 students who were eager to hear more. HutSix is excited to offer a workplace and mentorship to students who want to write code that brings change to a generation.

HutSix has a number of Adelaide visits planned for 2022, each with the goal of firming a foothold in a space that has seen an impressive amount of innovative digital advancement in the last decade. Their strategic direction towards social equity will be an exciting one to watch as they form working relationships with others who share the passion to provide culturally appropriate technological solutions for those who have for a long time been missed by the innovation radar.

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