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It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in touch with Astrology, one of the most enchanting subjects of Mystery. My friend has been sharing these articles on planetary retrogression and their effects and their duration of retrogression.

I was wondering if I could share those information and get feedback from anybody who is interested in this subject, as to how their life experiences have been on those particular days. It builds more inquisitiveness about the subject and also gives us an opportunity to actually observe our day to day experiences. This process will actually help me and anybody, as a student to understand astrology better, more in a practical manner.

I wish to elaborate that one has to understand that the effects will definitely vary from person to person. It is like the concentration of salt or sugar in water determines the time or temperature required to bring the water to boil. It varies with the solute, quantity of solute, quantity of solvent, temperature, pressure, etc i.e. both internal and external forces determine the result. The same concept works on the effects of the vibrations from planets on us too.

Mercury is retrograde from 17th Sept 2015 to 09th Oct 2015.

A brief understanding of Mercury and it’s retrogression: (a compilation from articles written by eminent authors)

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The Mercury retrograde is perhaps best known of all retrogrades. This celestial body requires 88 days to make a complete pass around the Sun and remains stationary for anywhere between a few hours and a few days, depending on the time of year. This planet goes into retrograde three times a year for around three weeks each time. Mercury has the highest frequency of retrograde and stays in this position for the shortest length of time of any other planet.


Mercury involves mental processes and communication of all kinds. Exploring ideas, seeking knowledge, writing, public speaking, making contacts, even short trips and commerce fall into Mercury‘s domain. Therefore, communication is greatly affected by this planet’s pull.

During the period Mercury is in retrograde motion, individuals may find their message is better conveyed through another less familiar medium. Messages may be delayed, misunderstood or appear elsewhere; whispers may be overheard and mail or email may be misdirected. Frustration with miscommunications of all kinds tend to intensify. Those who are usually constrained by public speaking may have moments of clarity, while those giving a public address may be dramatically misquoted. Odd ideas tend to occur as normal abilities and patterns of writing, learning, and speech become disrupted.

For a few, this retrograde actually has the opposite effect. New ideas, new speaking or writing abilities are often revealed in folks whose natal Mercury is retrograde. One may tend to get a kind of vacation from or improvements in both your usual internal and external dialogue. This is a good time to explore new outlets of communication.

If Mercury retrograde is in your chart, your tongue is likely to get you into trouble or you may be afraid to speak your mind for fear of the consequences. There may be an issue with intellect or intelligence. You may find your self-expression is “heard” through other forms rather than verbal or written.

Motives mean a lot to you. You could find yourself attracting more than your share of criticism or opposition to your ideas, but if you let that stop you from speaking your mind, you are essentially inhibiting yourself from communicating. You can learn to overcome your fears. Most other people are actually more concerned with how the world sees them than they are about what they think about you. Apply your curiosity, flexibility, and take an active interest in the welfare or interests of people around you. Half of your ability comes from listening! If speaking to groups of people makes you nervous, let your thoughts escape into the outside world by writing. Make small talk wherever possible about any topics of interest, while you boost your self confidence and begin to overcome your hesitance of expounding your personal views in public.

A retrograde Mercury at birth denotes a person who has come into this incarnation with a “knowing” of some sort. It may be viewed as a gift of insight into any subject. They need to use their intuition in life and go with their “gut instincts”. Often they are labeled as slow thinkers or someone who cannot retrieve information quickly but they basically take in knowledge and disseminate it differently. They have had experiences in their past life that are more helpful for them than to a person with a direct Mercury at birth. Karmically they have brought over in this life the instinct to “know” how to respond in the best manner for them. What they do learn in this life, in the form of new communication or learning skills, will be carried over into the next life. Then if Mercury is direct natally in that life, they will be able to express it in the usual accepted manner. The house occupied by Mercury shows the area where you had this prior knowledge and your choice of environment where you wish to play it out in this life.

Mercury Retrograde
* reconsiders before speaking
* lots of inner conversation and thoughts
* expresses self better in writing
* feels misunderstood

The funny thing is that I wrote this blog (after a break of 2 whole years) during the time of Mercury retrogression, what a beautiful example in itself!

Awaiting for reader responses on their experiences.

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