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Ministry of Tourism and its field offices have initiated week-long online activities in India and abroad to celebrate IDY 2021

A webinar “Yoga for Immunity” to be organized on 19th June 2021

India is a treasure-house of many ancient wellness arts forms. Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient traditions,centuries-old techniques aimed towards healing, growth, and self-realisation. Yoga is a holistic approach towards healthy body, mind, and soul. In today’s scenario when the whole world is fighting against the pandemic; Yoga is one of thefinest alternatives to improve the immunity. Practising yoga through asanas, pranayam help us maintain harmony throughout the Mind , Body , Soul.

Since 2015, 21st June is observed as International Day of Yoga(IDY) all over the world. Ministry of Tourism and its domestic & overseas field offices celebrate IDY on a large scale. To mark the occasion, the Ministry of Tourism hosts Journalists, influencers, Tour Operators etc from different parts of the world with Yoga dedicated itineraries. Due to the prevailing situation when actual travel is not advisable, the Ministry of Tourism and its field offices in India and overseashave initiated various online programmes based on the theme given by Ministry of Ayush“ Be With Yoga Be At Home”.

Ministry of Tourism would be promoting yoga as an amalgamation of wellness tourism and spiritual tourism showcasing the major tourist places in India for the same. During weeklong Yoga Day Celebrations, posts / pictures / videos showcasing the importance of yoga will be shared on Ministry’s various social media platforms. Ministry of Tourism is also planning to conduct live sessions with experienced yoga teachers/bloggers/influencers about how yoga transformed their life. Based on this year’s theme “Be With Yoga Be At Home” the Ministry of Tourism would be organising a webinar “Yoga for Immunity” on Saturday,the 19th June 2021 at 1100 hrs in association with Isha Foundation. During the webinar, Yoga expert from Isha Foundation will be demonstrating Simha Kriya, a simple but powerful yogic practice to improve immunity and overall strength.

The Domestic and Overseas field Offices of the Ministry of Tourism have also planned various programmes ensuring the wide participation of the people from different segments of the society and from all age group to create more awareness about Yoga and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The various programmes emphasizing importance of yoga in our day-to-day includes online essay, quiz, painting , yoga poster design competitions for students , conducting webinar with live demonstration of yoga, E-yoga book and many more! For more information follow Incredible India on :

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