Brown is the New Gold

A Win for the Environment. A Win for Industry.

“The Queensland Government’s plan to re-explore old and abandoned mine sites is a great idea,” Great Divide Mining (ASX:GDM), CEO Justin Haines today.

“GDM is built on a cornerstone of responsible development of resources,” he said, “so, not disturbing any more of the environment than is absolutely necessary is a great start,” said Haines.

“3 of 4 of GDM’s current projects are on so-called ‘brown field’ sites. This was very deliberate planning on our part.”

“There are multiple advantages firstly for the environment and for our shareholders.”

“Why dig a hole when someone has already done it for you?”

“The advantages we see in brown-field site upcycling, include minimised additional disturbance to the environment, a historically proven mine-site – we know the mineralisation is there.”

“Modern exploration methods often mean we are able expand the historical resource at depth and strike length. Economic cutoff grades have shifted dramatically lower with modern mining methodology and the significant rise in mineral prices which can often mean these have the potential of being re-born as profitable mining operations. And then there are the modern metals needed for our rapidly growing IT economy,” said Haines.

“Often infrastructure is already in place or just in need of a tune up. Further, it re-builds local and regional communities, all the while minimising CAPEX,” said Haines.

“Oh and when we’re done the site will be remediated to current standards,” he said.

“GDM applauds the initiative shown by the Qld Government’s Dept of Resources, the support offered by AMEC’s CEO Warren Pearce, and well done to EQ Resources Ltd (ASX:EQR) and Kevin MacNeill, CEO the 2022 AMEC Environmental Award Winners.”

“Let’s all look forward to an era where all resources are developed responsibly,” said Haines.

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