Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the Sky speaks!!!

Astrology literally means “The Study of Astral Bodies”, i.e., Astron meaning “constellation”or “star” and Logos meaning “the study of” in Greek. Astrology is called as Jyothishya in Sanskrit language meaning “Science of Light”.
Vedas are ancient hymns of India. They contain the “Wisdom of Universe”. Astrology is aVedanga. Veda means “knowledge” and Anga means “limb”. There are six Vedangas:
 Shiksha (phonetics)
 Kalpa (rituals)
 Vyakarana (grammar)
 Jyotishya (astronomy)
 Nirukta (etymology)
 Chhandas (metrics)
Astrology believes that at the time of birth of a person the position and the subsequent movements of the astral bodies, namely the solar system (Sun, Moon, and all planets), with the background of the zodiac having the important constellations, indicate or reflect thecharacter of the person, therefore destiny. The celestial patterns are interpreted to understand, plan, or predict events on Earth.
Now, one would wonder about the effect of planets and stars on Earth, while being so far away from us. Let us consider the effect of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth. We all agree that the presence of Sun is what makes the existence of life on Earth possible, next is air around it and then the water in it. This can be summarized as the five elements of nature, viz., Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky (the protective envelope of Earth, medium for rain to happen) are very important for a heavenly body to sustain life.
The effect of Sun on us is seen in the form of its light and heat rays, which are essential for many metabolic activities within a living being, be it nutrition, growth or decay.
Similarly, the Moon’s effect can be understood by understanding the phenomenon of tides on Oceans. Tides are caused due to the mutual gravitational attraction between the Moon and the Earth and the Sun and the Earth, i.e. both the Sun and the Moon cause tides. The Earth constitutes about 75% of water in form of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, etc. Similarly, every living being is made up of about 75% of water, which means to say that the Sun and Moon also show their effect on the living beings in the same way. The only difference is that we can see the effects around us, but can only feel them within us.
The above point can further be emphasized on the fact that the blood pressure of a healthy person varies from morning to noon to evening depending on the position of Sun (virtually) at the horizon, zenith and horizon, and from New Moon to Full Moon. In the same way, all the planets constitute of several chemicals in huge quantities in and around them, which eject various kinds of radiations and vibrations around them, which travel very far, thus influencing every living being in their own special way.
We can observe that the five elements of nature are existing within us. Fire in the form of the energy produced and used for various activities within the physical body, Water in the form of various fluids such as blood, digestive juices, hormones and enzymes, etc., Earth, the physical body itself comprising of the skeletal structure, muscles, skin, etc., Air in the form of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and finally Sky, the thought process.
Every living being has the above elements in different quantities, based on which the planets’ influence (including Sun, Moon and Stars in general) on each person differs. Hence, everybody is UNIQUE! And this uniqueness of an individual (personality) can be read from his birth chart or horoscope.
A HOROSCOPE is the sky map showing the planetary positions at the time of the person’s birth. Astrology is an indicative science. It indicates the personality, character, events, etc. It does not control a person’s life. Every human, every living being has a certain free-will to change whatever is indicated by the heavenly bodies.
ASTROLOGY is the language of the Gods!
It is one language,
which when decoded, gives us the Light of Life!

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