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A total of 54 Antiquities have been retrieved from foreign countries till date: Shri G Kishan Reddy

The Archaeological Survey of India is constantly making efforts through Indian missions abroad for retrieval of illegally exported artefacts of historical importance, as and when they surface abroad. Till date, a total number of 54 antiquities have been retrieved.

A number of artefacts were taken by the imperialists during colonial period, some of them are of historical importance.




1. Sawn stucco Head Nalanda, Bihar U.K. and France 1976
2. Nataraja of Chola period Sivapuram Tamil Nadu U.S.A. 1986
3. Terracotta Yakshi of Tamluk West Bengal U.K. 1986
4. Nataraja of Chola period Tiruvilakkadi, Tamil Nadu U.S.A 1986
5. Nataraja of Chola period Pathur, Tamil Nadu U.K. 1991
6. Terracotta figures from Bhitargaon Utter Pradesh U.S.A 1991
7. Amin pillars Amin, Haryana U.K 1979-80
8. Image of Buddha Bodhagaya, Bihar U.S.A 1999
9. Sculpture of Krishnajanma Dhubela Museum Chattarpur (M.P.) U.S.A 1999
10. Paintings i) Chandigarh      Museum

ii) Chandigarh Museum







11. Image of Lakulisa Jageswar, Uttarakhand U.S.A 2000
12. Decorative Wooden panels (7 nos.) Rajasthan Holand 2001
13. Retrieval of  Yogini Vrishanana Paris 2013
14 Nataraja Tamil Nadu Australia 2014
15 Ardhanareeswar Tamil Nadu Australia 2014
16 Parrot Lady Madhya Pradesh Canada 2015
17 Durga (Mahishmardini) J&K Germany 2015
18 Uma Parameshwari Tamil Nadu Singapore 2015
19 Bronze image of Saint Manikkavachaka Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
20 Metal image of Ganesha Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
21 Terracotta Female Figure (Honolulu Museum) Central India U.S.A 2016
22 Male Deity (Honolulu Museum) Madhya Pradesh U.S.A 2016
23 Floral Tile, Harvan Kashmir U.S.A 2016
24 Sri Devi, Chola Period Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
25 Metal image of Bahubali Andhra Pradesh U.S.A 2016
26 Metal image of Parvati Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
27 Terracotta Plaque West Bengal USA 2016


Metal image of Bhoodevi Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
29 Metal image of Chakkarathalwar Tamil Nadu U.S.A 2016
30 Seated Buddha Uttar Pradesh Australia 2016
31 Panel of Devotees of Buddha Andhra Pradesh Australia 2016
32 Stone image Pratyangira Tamil Nadu Australia 2016
33 Sand Stone Male Figure in Tribhanga Posture Central India U.S.A. 2017
34 Sand Stone Bust of a Female Central India U.S.A. 2017
35 Sand Stone broken Figure Central India U.S.A. 2017
36 Stone image of Durga Tamil Nadu U.S.A. 2017
37 Damaged Sand Stone image of Nataraja in dancing posture. Central India U.S.A. 2017
38 Mutilated Sand Stone Panel depicting two male Figures (vidhyadharas). Central India U.S.A. 2017
39 Stone image of a couple (mithuna) figure carved under a niche from Atru. Rajasthan U.S.A. 2017
40 Stone image of a couple (mithuna) Figure from Atru. Rajasthan U.S.A. 2017
41. Stone sculpture of Brahma and Brahamani Gujarat U.K. 2017
42. Durga Mahishasurmardini Uttarakhand USA MET Museum 2018
43 Bodhisattva Head Andhra Pradesh USA MET Museum 2018
44 Image of Buddha Bihar UK 2019
45 Idol of Bronze Nataraja Tamil Nadu Australia 2019


46 Nagaraja (The serpent King) Stone sculpture Central India. Australia 2020
47 (a) Dwarpala, stone sculpture Tamil Nadu Australia 2020
48 (b) Dwarpala, stone sculpture Tamil Nadu Australia 2020
49 Lime stone relief Andhra Pradesh U.K. 2020
50 Stone sculpture of Shiva (Nataraja) Rajasthan U.K. 2020
51 Metal idol of Rama Tamil Nadu UK 2020
52 Metal idol of Laxamana Tamil Nadu UK 2020
53 Metal idol of Sita Tamil Nadu UK 2020
54 Navaneetha Krishna South India UK 2021

This information was given by Minister of Culture, Shri G. Kishan Reddy in a written reply in Rajya Sabha Today.

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