YourStory Media, in Association with Longhouse Consulting, to Launch ‘India’s CTO Excellence Awards’ at the Tech Leadership Conclave 2024

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India’s CTO Excellence Awards will take place at the India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024 on June 21 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bengaluru. 
YourStory Media, in association with Longhouse Consulting, is launching India’s CTO Excellence Awards – an initiative dedicated to recognising and celebrating the exceptional contributions of 22 tech leaders who have significantly impacted India’s technology landscape over the past decade. 
The awards will be unveiled on 21 June, 2024 at the India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024 in Bengaluru.
Celebrating the builders of India’s tech prowess

India’s startup ecosystem has witnessed exponential growth over the past decade. Behind the headlines and billion-dollar valuations, there’s a dedicated group that often goes unnoticed: the tech leaders who architect and build the foundation for this success.
Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory, said, “YourStory has always been at the forefront of celebrating the builders of new India. With India’s CTO Excellence Awards, our goal is to bring well-deserved recognition to the tech leaders who have played crucial roles behind the scenes, shaping their company’s success and India’s tech story.”
The awards will highlight tech leaders based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including but not limited to the number of years in a CTO role, impact on business growth, innovation, intellectual property contributions, leadership, mentorship, functional responsibilities, and more.
To ensure the focus remains on pure technology leadership, the awards will specifically exclude founder-CTOs, celebrating instead those who have risen through the ranks as professional engineering leaders and consistently driven innovation and growth.
Anshuman Das, Co-Founder and CEO, Longhouse Consulting, said, “These tech leaders are the backbone of the innovation economy and we’re proud to have worked closely with India’s top tech leadership over the last decade. Through India’s CTO Excellence Award awards, we aim to inspire the next generation of tech leaders and set a benchmark for excellence in technology leadership.
The winners will be from large-scale, Indian tech-driven startups, and have been part of the startup ecosystem for about 4-5 years as a non-founding CTO or Engineering Head, having scaled their functions from the ground up rather than inheriting established teams.
Launch event at India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024

India’s CTO Excellence Awards will take place at the India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024, scheduled to take place on June 21, 2024, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bengaluru. 
This premier event will gather 200 of India’s top tech visionaries and leaders, providing an ideal platform to unveil these prestigious awards. 
India’s CTO Excellence Awards mark the beginning of a new chapter dedicated to celebrating the builders behind India’s tech success. These awards are the starting point of an ongoing initiative to inspire, mentor, and shape the next decade of India’s tech leadership.
For more information on India’s CTO Excellence Awards and the India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024, please write to [email protected] or can reach out to this number +91-7411348601

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