[Watch] Solve For Tomorrow Season 2: Team Musketeers is Ready to Make it to the Winners List with a Fresh Design and a Perfect Pitch


In a world that is constantly buzzing with information and dialogue, communication is the lifeline of our society. But what happens when this essential thread connecting us all leaves some voices unheard and some ears unable to listen?


One of the top 10 solvers at Solve For Tomorrow season 2, team Musketeers, is giving it their all to address the communication barriers faced by the deaf and hard of hearing with their innovative AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. Their project’s potential and innovative spirit have taken them to the final leg of the competition.


Learning to Level up at the IIT Delhi Bootcamp

At the bootcamp, the trio received all the essential training required to be the next-gen innovators and entrepreneurs. Reflecting on the comprehensive workshops and feedback sessions by mentors, the trio says, “We learned how to collaborate as a team, design a pitch, and make our product more practical. We also gained expert guidance on our project from the industry leaders.”


Implementing Learnings 

Bootcamp proved a fruitful venture for the team as they went on to redesign their product and refine its functionality to a different level. Sharing their thoughts on this development, the trio responded, “The earlier design of our product wasn’t comfortable to use. So, we redesigned it based on the feedback given by our mentors so that it can be market accessible and help the deaf and hard of hearing.”


Strategy to Win

Team Musketeers are ready to make a great impression on the grand jury at the finale event with their project and pitch. Elaborating on the same, the trio says, “Our strategy to win Solve For Tomorrow 2023 is collaborative teamwork, innovative thinking, and a clear presentation. Also, we are making our product more practical, affordable, and impactful.” 


We captured the team’s journey so far in the video below.


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