To strengthen corporate relations, IIM Kashipur to host firms in Delhi, outreaching to Gulf, southeast Asian companies

  • IIM Kashipur (Uttarakhand) is taking a slew of steps to strengthen corporate relations and attract more recruiters. The institute is rigorously focusing on corporate outreach events, shall be hosting companies in Delhi apart from campus and outreaching to companies of Gulf and Southeast Asian region.
  • IIM Kashipur made these announcements during its Annual HR summit ‘PERENNIAL 2024’ held on June 15, 2024 at Bengaluru.
  • Panelists discussed on future of work from home, AI in HR. Work from home is affecting the mental health of the employees, says the panelists.

Bengaluru: One of India’s premier management school, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur (Uttarakhand) is expanding its horizon to attract companies with a slew of measures keeping the global job market in mind.

In an Annual HR summit ‘PERENNIAL 2024’ held on June 15 at Bengaluru’s Holiday Inn hotel, IIM Kashipur announced that the institute will also host companies in Delhi for the campus placements to attract diverse companies from across the country.

The institute hosted 200+ companies in the 2024-25 placement season at the IIM Kashipur campus.

The institute also announced that IIM Kashipur will continue reaching out to companies through HR summits and events in southern part of the country focusing on cities like Silicon Valley Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and others.

To enhance its corporate relations and maintain close bonding with the companies providing them a platform to discuss the future of the HR and management industry, the institute held three events in the last one year, the officials said.

Besides, the institute is reaching out Southeast Asian and Gulf companies to enhance its global footprint, said the institute officials in a day long HR summit held in Bengaluru on June 15 at Holiday Inn hotel with a theme Future-Ready HR, Nurturing Talent for tomorrow’s success.

Prof. Utkarsh, Chairperson, Placement and Corporate Relations, IIM Kashipur said, “We are taking a slew of steps under corporate outreach programme to strengthen our bonding with firms. We believe, our students are our brand ambassadors and it’s our responsibility to prepare them for the industry and provide best working opportunities.”

The latest Annual HR summit held in Bangaluru on Saturday on the topic, “Cultivating a culture of continuous learning: Empowering employees for the career growth.”

The Chief Information Officer, Talent Ola, Sachin Garg was the Guest of Honor of the event along with the HRs of five companies.

Mr. Rakesh Gopalani, DGM- People and Culture, Porter, Ms. Aparna Chetan, CHRO, Torry Harris, Ms. Amrutha M, HRBP, HP and Ms. Monalisha, Associate Director Human Resources, Flipkart were the panelists moderated by Mr. Sharad Prakash, Senior Project Manager – Supply Chain, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and IIM Kashipur Alumnus.

The panelists discussed on the introduction of AI in HR, the future of work from home and challenges ahead of the HR industry. There were interesting discussions on from policing to being humane, how a buffet of services will be the future for employees in organizations.

The panel also discussed over the virtual biases and the ways to avoid them and recognize the employees better.

Mr. Rakesh Gopalani spoke about the gaps in the mentor-mentee relationship and how we must be free of any hesitation to learn from mentors referring to anecdote that the child who cry most gets more attention in the family.

Ms Monalisha from Flipkart talked about the India’s transformation from service provider to a global leader due to ease of business, closeness to the market and hub good talents.

Miss Amrutha brought in the interesting concepts of reverse mentoring and speed mentorship and the role they play in career growth. She also highlighted potential ways to retain talent by introducing a bucket of offers.

Mr. Sharad Prakash, who was moderating the event not only navigated the guests throughout the discussion to get the best insights but also shared his real time experiences from journey.

Future of Work from Home

On the question future of ‘work from home’, Mr. Rakesh Gopalani, from Porter said that the work from home is affecting the mental health of the employees. It’s important to have separate work and personal space.

Ms. Aparna Chetan, from Torry Harris pointed out that work from home has its advantages as well as disadvantages. “The team effort is completely missing from work from home method which is key to the company. You learn from your surroundings, seniors which totally missing. We need to distinguish between personal and professional life which mixes during the work from home and it affects our mental health.”

While Ms. Monalisha, from Flipkart contended that disconnecting office work and personal life is important but one size doesn’t fit all. The companies need to keep both the options open for employees.

Challenges for HR industry

Talking over the upcoming challenges of the HR industry, the panelists said that HR industry came a long way from policing the employees to supporting them. “We need to introduce value system in the work place, bucket of offers, develop personal bonding and help the employees in developing sense of belonging to the company.”

While Rakesh Gopalani added that with empathy and gesture, the industry needs to invest in the employees to strengthen boding with the companies. “We are also reaching out to the families of the employees by sending cards thanking them for their support to our employee. Such gestures will build a bond with the company and employee,” he said.

Ms. Monalisha emphasized that the company need to recognize their work, compliment the employees and develop personal relations will help them to retain and perform consistently.

The institute also held SIDDHI – The HR Analytics Case Study Competition where over 30 teams presented their project.

The event received a footfall of over a hundred MBA and MBA Analytics students, alumina of IIM Kashipur, and industry experts.

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