This ‘National Microwave Oven Day’, Flaunt Your Culinary Skills with Samsung Microwaves

Cooking has evolved and become an integral part of our lives. Flavors and Fusion are two of the most important elements in the food that we consume and kitchen appliances are making Cooking more convenient and fun.

From scrumptious dessert items to pickles and continental baked items, Microwaves have become the champions of our kitchens.


Samsung Microwaves are innovations that not only help prepare warm and unforgettable meals but also bring Indian Traditions alive. The Pickle mode Microwave for instance takes us back on a trip to our childhood where summers at Nani House would mean huge spreads of sheets decorated with flavourful Pickles.

This National Microwave Oven Day, Samsung underscores the contribution of the unsung champion of our kitchen.


Watch the video to know more:


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