Think Walnuts, Think California Says California Walnuts’ New Campaign

California Walnut Commission (CWC), which represents the walnut growers and handlers of California, continues its commitment to educating consumers about the benefits of walnuts and why to include them in the daily diet. Through its new campaign titled Think Walnuts, Think California, CWC aims to highlight the uniqueness of the California growing region.

California Walnuts

The campaign conveys why California walnuts are a smart choice; the ideal climate, fertile soils and the farmers dedication to providing high quality walnuts for all to enjoy. California walnuts are grown, harvested, and processed under standards and regulations that are mandated by federal and state authorities. In addition, California walnut growers and processors support research and innovation in water quality and conservation; soil health; energy use; and air quality constantly seeking out and incorporating new methods of growing and handling walnuts that minimize waste, enhance productivity, and preserve and protect natural resources.

Think Walnuts Think California

Commenting on the campaign launch, Ms. Pamela Graviet, Senior Marketing Director, International, California Walnut Commission and Board, said, “The Indian market has a love for high quality foods and great flavours. Nutrient-rich walnuts should be a top addition and this campaign is our humble attempt to generate awareness about walnuts grown in California and our multi-generational family farms that strive to provide this healthy, delicious food.”

She further added, “Mildly sweet and beautifully nutty, California walnuts boasts the potential to enhance any meal-whether you’re munching on these as a smart snack, adding to your curries, salads, and desserts or blending to create smoothies, a nut butter, or more. Just a handful (28g) provides 2.5g plant-based omega-3 ALA, 4g protein, 2g fiber, and 45mg of magnesium – that brings us to another highlight of California walnuts-scientific research has shown they are good for heart, brain, and gut health. Nutrition, versatility, high quality and exceptional flavour-California walnuts provide all that and more. So, when you Think Walnuts, Think California.”

The new campaign will be featured through advertising, on-ground activities, retail promotions and across social media platforms wherein the whos who of online space-from celebrities, F&B influencers, and health experts will spread the message on why California should be top of mind when thinking about walnuts.

California walnuts are available at all grocery stores and e-commerce sites. When buying walnuts, look for the California Walnuts logo mark, “California” or “Californian” on the package or produce of USA to ensure that you are buying genuine high-quality California walnuts. For more industry information, health research and recipe ideas, visit

About California Walnut Commission

The California Walnut Commission (CWC), established in 1987, represents the California walnut industry made up of over 4,500 growers and close to 80 handlers. The CWC is mainly involved in health research and export market development activities. More than 99% of the walnuts produced in U.S. are grown in the fertile soils of California. Internationally, California Walnuts supply over half of the world’s walnut trade.

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