Samsung Bespoke Cotta Refrigerator

If you have always wondered how to customise your refrigerator with your kitchen décor, Samsung’s new Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer (TMF) refrigerator is the perfect choice for you. The Cotta design adds a vintage element to your kitchen décor and offers you multiple texture and colour options to allow the refrigerator to reflect your personal taste.

The Bespoke Cotta TMF refrigerator’s texture, smoothness and elegance go with any kitchen design. This refrigerator also comes with several features to take care of your refrigeration needs with accuracy and offer utmost convenience.


Here are the key features of Samsung’s new Bespoke TMF refrigerator for a seamless refrigeration experience:


1. Bespoke Design

Stylish, classy, and vintage – Samsung’s new Bespoke Cotta TMF refrigerator can brighten up your kitchen and resonate with your individual taste, effortlessly. Available in two colours of Cotta Beige and Cotta Charcoal, the refrigerator can be beautifully matched with any décor style. Scandinavian, contemporary, minimalistic, traditional – you name it, the Cotta design will blend with precision and make your kitchen stand out.




2. Twin Cooling Plus™

The intelligent Twin Cooling Plus™ technology helps in minimising temperature fluctuation by working with two separate evaporators for fridge and freezer. This new level of convenience will allow you to easily control optimal humidity and temperature of the refrigerator, thereby preventing odour mixing and ensuring food maintains its freshness for longer duration.



The comparison between mono cooling with single evaporator (left) and Twin Cooling Plus TM with two evaporators (right)

3. Convertible 5-in-1

Enjoy maximum storage space and complete convenience with the Convertible 5-in-1 feature that lets you choose from five different modes – Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone. In the Normal mode, Samsung’s Bespoke Cotta refrigerator will have both fridge and freezer mode, and in both the Home Alone and Vacation modes, the home appliance will have only the freezer running while the fridge stays off. This feature also helps in converting the freezer into the fridge, therefore giving you additional storage room to store all your favourite food items.


Samsung’s Bespoke Cotta refrigerator is both a design and functional marvel while being pocket friendly as well.

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