Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Marathahalli, Bangalore Attains Coveted JCI Accreditation

Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Marathahalli, Bangalore Attains Coveted JCI Accreditation

Bengaluru, June 18, 2024: Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight by Rainbow hospitals, a well-known healthcare facility for child and women care in India, is pleased to announce its receipt of the esteemed ‘Gold Seal of Quality Approval’ from the Joint Commission International (JCI), for its hospital in Marathahalli, Bengaluru.

The accreditation achieved by Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight by Rainbow, Marathahalli, Bengaluru highlights its commitment to the stringent standards of hospital management and treatment protocols upheld within the institution, thus facilitating elevated levels of patient care. This attainment necessitates substantial dedication from the entire hospital team, as it entails meeting a comprehensive checklist comprising 14 chapters and over 1200 measurable elements meticulously outlined by JCI.

“Reaching this significant milestone at Rainbow Children’s Hospital is an evidence to our continuous dedication to providing exceptional healthcare. It showcases our team’s cohesion, combined strength, and commitment, as well as the sensitive care that our healthcare experts. We remain committed to upholding the greatest standards of safety and quality, guaranteeing that each and every one of our patients receives world class medical care.” – Dr. Ramesh Kancharla, Chairman and Managing Director of Rainbow Children’s Hospital.

In response to this notable accomplishment, Mr. Nithyanand P, Vice President & Regional Business Head, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bengaluru expressed, “Our longstanding commitment to delivering top- notch clinical expertise has led to this significant milestone for every member of the Hospital. This achievement highlights our unity, collective efforts, and unyielding dedication, alongside the compassionate care provided by our doctors, nurses and staff, all working towards a common aim. We are resolute in our pledge to provide exceptional healthcare services to our patients, maintaining the international standards of quality and safety.”

“Our goal is to provide outstanding pediatric care, and as a team, we have worked tirelessly to go above and beyond expectations from the beginning. Together, our vast knowledge, observance of best practices, emphasis on safety, use of highly skilled medical and paramedic personnel, and evidence based treatment protocols have allowed us to accomplish this. Our commitment to patient care is validated by the latest JCI accreditation, which also underlines our complete approach. A significant commitment to clinical quality and patient safety is required for JCI accreditation, therefore achieving it is not an easy task. For our hospital, this accreditation is a critical turning point in our ongoing pursuit of continuous quality improvement- Dr. Rakshay Shetty, Senior Consultant in Pediatric Intensive Care and General Pediatrics, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli, Bengaluru.

“The International Patient Safety Goals are embedded in our daily practices and culture. These goals represent the critical areas where we focus to enhance patient safety and quality of care.

Various audits are done on a periodic basis to monitor the standard operating procedures in various departments like Nursing, Pharmacy, Facility, Biomedical Engineering, Laboratory, Radiology, Medical Records etc. to establish the JCI quality standards. Facility rounds are done by the operations and quality team frequently in the clinical and non-clinical areas to constantly ensure that the quality and patient safety standards are uncompromised in the hospital. The clinical care pathways have been implemented to ensure standard treatment protocols.

Staying true to our vision, we are extremely passionate about providing the best care possible for mother and child with the help of state of the art technology and clinical expertise; we are confident to achieve international standards of care that is at par with any of the leading hospitals from a developed country” – Dr. Samarpita Dutta Choudhury, Cluster Head Medical Director, Rainbow Children’s Medicare Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

JCI collaborates worldwide, offering invaluable expertise to enhance healthcare quality and ensure patient safety across various domains including care accessibility, patient evaluation, medication management, quality enhancement, and more. The esteemed JCI accreditation, reserved for select institution

acknowledges Rainbow Children’s Hospital’s excellence in patient safety, protocols, and governance following a thorough evaluation process.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital has accumulated more than two decades of experience, dedicatedly cultivating a reputation for excellence in both clinical and non-clinical operations. The institution maintains rigorous standards of quality and safety in its patient services, adhering closely to internationally recognized policies and procedures. Furthermore, the hospital has strategically constructed its infrastructure in compliance with global safety guidelines, adhering to the safety benchmarks outlined by JCI.

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