Queenslanders Take to the Skies Thanks to Aviation Start-Up

Learning to fly and gaining a pilot’s license is a dream for many Queenslanders but the process involved has been seen as too complex and limited to only those who wanted to continue a career in aviation as an airline pilot. This is all starting to change thanks to a new aviation start-up shaking up the industry.

TEAM Aviation is a boutique flight school giving anyone in the southeast corner the opportunity to learn to fly on their own terms for business, pleasure or as a new hobby. TEAM Aviation provides the ongoing support and training but also access to new and modern safe aircraft where you can rent aircraft hourly, daily, or even monthly.

With new flexible teaching and access to aircraft from TEAM Aviation, you no longer need to own your own aircraft to fly privately which supports a large range of new flyers that want to learn to fly purely recreationally or as a hobby. TEAM Aviation takes its TEAM members from their first flight to achieving their licence in a matter of months. The TEAM flight training experience is more than just a flying school. They help members navigate the often-overwhelming journey of flight training so you can enjoy flying and experience the lifestyle it brings.

Founder Alyce Johnson said TEAM’s goal was to provide anyone a clear pathway to achieving a licence with the ability to access private aircraft to fly when they need it, when they need it. TEAM’s approach makes learning to fly a process focused on our customer experience and focuses on the challenge, enjoyment and pure adrenaline that flying yourself and your family on holidays and for pleasure can bring.

At TEAM Aviation we are innovating the flight school industry – we travel to our members, have safe, luxurious Cirrus aircraft and we are building a network of like-minded aviation enthusiasts and experts across Australia,” said Ms Johnson.

“We save members’ time and hassle by bringing the plane to a location convenient to them and by offering packages which provide half-day and full day lessons structured and designed to maximise safety and learning. The days of having to fit into someone else’s schedule or following a strict course regime are over. You choose when you want to fly, how often and for how long.”

Like many Start-Ups in the last couple of years, Alyce said TEAM Aviation was born out of changes brought about by the COVID season and the availability of new, extremely safe and sophisticated Cirrus aircraft.

“COVID hit and suddenly we had this environment where business people and executives could not book seats on commercial planes, couldn’t travel for business easily due to flight cancellations, or didn’t want to travel in a packed commercial airplane. These same people were the ones who ‘one day’ about learning to fly. Because almost all flight schools are focused on training airline pilots, TEAM focused solely on bringing the joy of the aviation lifestyle to people who simply love planes, love flying and want to combine that with their work or a hobby. We provide a pathway for our members to have access to the extraordinary lifestyle that private aviation can bring you”.

“I’ve been teaching people how to fly since I left my corporate job and founded TEAM to provide a better experience for those wanting to experience the joy and adventure of private aviation. With new aircraft from Cirrus, as soon as people step into the aircraft, they see the familiarity with the modern car that they are already driving. Leather seats, air conditioning, big screens and technology that they are familiar with helps people make the adjustment into flying our Cirrus aircraft. Coupled with the safety features of these aircraft, including the CAPS® parachute system for the entire aircraft in the event of an emergency, people very quickly feel at ease and love the experience.”

TEAM Aviation use Cirrus aircraft for their training, are based in the south east corner of Queensland but can operate nationwide. We offer only the highest standards of training to our TEAM members with the ability to do everything inhouse meaning we can guide you through the entire process.

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