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Oregon Fire Marshal delivers type 6 fire engines

(The Center Square) – The Oregon State Fire Marshal announced the delivery of its first type 6 fire engines to the Jefferson Fire District and Lebanon Fire District this week.

“These deliveries are a milestone in the OSFM Engine Program, enhancing firefighting capabilities across Oregon,” the Fire Marshal’s office said.

The OSFM Engine Program bought 76 new apparatus. These included: 26 type 3 engines, 20 type 6 engines, and 30 water tenders, the release said.

So far, the state has delivered eight type 3 engines and eight water tenders to departments statewide in addition to those type 6 engines.

The state says it will deliver each apparatus as soon as it receives them.

“We are excited to see the first type 6 engines arrive at Jefferson and Lebanon fire districts,” Oregon State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple said in the release. “This program represents a significant investment in the safety of our communities and the effectiveness of our firefighting efforts.”

The OSFM Engine Program comes from Senate Bill 762, signed into law by then-Governor Kate Brown in 2021, the release said. It appropriated $25 million for the program, according to the state’s website.

“This initiative ensures that local fire agencies have the necessary tools to effectively combat wildfires and protect lives and property,” the release said.

A type 3 fire engine is a larger vehicle with a larger water capacity and offroad capabilities, making it favorable for rural and wildland settings, according to Pierce Manufacturing. Meanwhile, a type 6 fire engine is a smaller truck often equipped with EMS response materials that can offer an initial response before the larger trucks make it onto the scene, Pierce Manufacturing said.

Additional information about the OSFM Engine Program and the state’s efforts to improve its wildfire response is available here.

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