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Mitsubishi Electric to Ship Samples of GaN MMIC Power Amplifier for Ka-band SATCOM Earth Stations

Will enable smaller, lower-power Ka-band SATCOM earth stations for higher data capacity


While the mainstream frequency for satellite communications is currently the Ku-band (13GHz to 14GHz), the higher frequency Ka-band (27.5GHz to 31GHz) offers multi-beam technology and much wider bandwidth for transmitting more data. By adding more Ka-band products to its lineup, Mitsubishi Electric expects to meet the growing demand for high-capacity communications and contribute to smaller and more power-efficient satellite communications earth stations. These products will be exhibited in the USA at IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2024 in Washington, DC, on June 18-20.

The two new GaN MMIC power amplifiers will be shipped as customer-board-friendly bare chips. Suitable for emergency communications and Ka-band multi-carrier communications, they will support the power levels and frequencies required for Ka-band satellite communications transmitters capable of handling large amounts of data. In addition, thanks to a new GaN HEMT with high-output, high-efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric’s new chips achieve unsurpassed miniaturization and increased power added efficiency of more than 20% at maximum linear power.

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