How to Crack the Advocate-on-Record Examination: A Live Online Course by EBC Learning

EBC Learning by EBC Group, one of Indias most reputed legal publishing houses, announced the online revision course for cracking the AOR (Advocate on Record) Exam from June 1st-5th, 2023.

A Live Online Course by EBC Learning

The Supreme Courts AOR or Advocate-on-Record examination is one of the toughest exams. A committee of three Supreme Court judges appointed by the Chief Justice of India holds the AOR exam.

After the successful completion of the seven batches of EBC Learning’s Live Online Course for the Advocate-on-Record exam, EBC Learning is proud to present its upcoming batch of the much-awaited revision course on How to Crack the AOR Exam. The course comprises 5 online live classes covering all four papers by Dr. Charu Mathur, AOR, Supreme Court of India, 32 pre-recorded videos from their rich video library, delivered by Mr. Namit Saxena (2nd Rank Holder in the AOR Exam 2019), access to 64 leading cases, and much more.

EBC Learning has had phenomenal success with the previous batches. More than 50% of the aspirants from the last batches (3, 4, 5, and revision batches of 2022) have cleared the AOR exam.

There are less than 3000 advocates on record in India. To practice before the highest court of the land, i.e., the Supreme Court of India, is a privilege and one that does not come easy. It is a process that requires rigorous effort, attention, and structured preparation. The revision course is designed to enable professionals to improve, retain, and enhance their knowledge and exam preparation skills.

The EBC Group has worked to help law professionals drive their careers forward. We are excited to extend these opportunities online now with EBC Learning. The revision course on How to Crack the AOR Exam is especially a goldmine for Advocates aspiring to become an AOR. We have a curated course designed by our experts and industry veterans, building on 80 years of trusted innovation for legal information in India,” shared Mr. Raghunandan Malik, Director of EBC Learning.

EBC Learning is India’s one of the leading providers of online courses in law. EBC Learning endeavours to provide Law Students, Legal Councils, and Lawyers with a parallel education ecosystem, so as to ensure tier-1 Law School education is available with a practical, market-ready approach.

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