GoMechanic January volumes at 70% of the peak monthly numbers; 90% of workshops remain active in the network

GoMechanic, one of India’s largest network of technology-enabled car service centres, today announced a turnaround in its core business of services in January. It serviced 30,000 vehicles last month which is 70% of the peak sales achieved in its entire existence achieved in July 2022. GoMechanic continues to see strong auto servicing volumes in most of its markets, with Delhi-NCR, contributing the most. Other top geographies are also showing good traction, sustaining the business on a month-on-month basis in terms of car servicing volumes. In a huge validation of the robustness of its business model and its relevant value proposition, 800+ workshops remain active in the network. GoMechanic also added 3000 members to its Miles program which currently has 60,000 members.

Commenting on the current business scenario, spokesperson of GoMechanic, said,” First and foremost we would like to thank each of our stakeholders who stayed with us through thick and thin, particularly the service center partners. The entire founding team remains focused on not just surmounting the formidable challenge before us but in ensuring a sustainable solution and not just a temporary quick fix. Besides recalibration on the business strategy front, we took some painful but unavoidable decisions last month. What is really heartening about these numbers is that these have been achieved despite us slashing the marketing costs substantially in January. We’re continuing to invest substantially in the upskilling of auto service professionals through the NSDC partnership. The real goal we are focused on is achieving operational break-even and profitability at an aggregate, annual P&L level as soon as possible. The January numbers give us the required confidence.” “We remain committed to empowering the largely underserved workforce of the unorganized Indian automotive service & repair industry.  GoMechanic value proposition for these professionals remains extremely robust and we are confident of continuing to attract new workshops and professionals. Combined with the strengthening of operations and tuning of the business model, we are confident of steadily moving towards the above stated goal,” he/she further added.

About GoMechanic: Founded in 2016, GoMechanic is one of India’s largest network of technology-enabled car service centres having served 10 lakh+ (one million+) customers and 15 lakh+ (1.5 million+) cars in the last 7 years. It’s asset light model with centralized bulk procurement of spare parts, zero real-estate overheads and technology-driven efficiency, results in significant savings which are passed onto the customers. Currently, GoMechanic has 800 car repair workshops employing 4000+ professionals across 20+ cities in India, including DelhiNCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Chennai. It has 60000+ Miles members to which another 3000 were added in January 2023.

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