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Gatekeeper Systems Joins Loss Prevention Research Council’s INNOVATE Program to Advance Retail Loss Prevention

Gatekeeper expands long-standing partnership with industry’s leading research council


The LPRC is an active community of researchers, retailers, solution partners, manufacturers, law enforcement professionals, and others who believe research and collaboration will lead to a safer world for shoppers and businesses. Gatekeeper Systems has been a member of the LPRC community since 2014, where its technology is tested in test laboratories and live store labs by leading retailers and researchers to advance innovation in store safety. The group’s focus spans a wide array of critical areas, including product protection, fraud prevention, handling violence, combating organized retail crime, leveraging data analytics, and optimizing supply chain security. This collaboration is especially noteworthy given the cohort’s impressive track record of publishing over 300 articles, reflecting its dedication to research-based solutions.

Gatekeeper Systems now joins the select group of solution partners on the Advisory Panel for the INNOVATE program. As part of the INNOVATE program, Gatekeeper Systems is an active participant in LPRC’s SaferPlaces Initiative. In SaferPlaces, the approach is layering proven solutions to address safety in the stores and the neighborhoods they serve. Gatekeeper Systems is excited to participate in the existing sites (Innovation Square, Port St Lucie, Eastside Gainesville) and future sites as planned.

“Gatekeeper Systems’ participation in the INNOVATE program enhances our LPRC partnership and underscores their commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies and strategies that address the evolving challenges of retail loss prevention,” said Gatekeeper Systems’ CEO, Robert Harling. “Collaborating with other INNOVATE members will enhance Gatekeeper’s capabilities to provide even more value to retail customers.”

Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® Pushout Theft Protection Technology is theft prevention, not theft detection. The Purchek system is a patented technology that monitors the cart, not the person. If the cart journey does not meet the criteria of a paid transaction, the shopping cart will be automatically disabled at the door, keeping the merchandise in the building while eliminating the need for confrontation.

“Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek solution has proven successful in preventing pushout theft, a topic we focus heavily on at LPRC,” said Read Hayes, Founder of LPRC. “With shoplifting on the rise, we’re appreciative of innovative loss prevention companies like Gatekeeper Systems for being part of our research organization and contributing their expertise to further protect our partnering retailers.”

About Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper Systems, established in 1998, is a recognized leader in innovative loss prevention and cart containment solutions for retailers. With its patented wheel-locking technology, Gatekeeper Systems emphasizes reducing merchandise loss and enhancing employee and shopper safety. Operating in 58 countries and over 25,000 stores globally, it provides a comprehensive range of products designed to minimize shrinkage, optimize store efficiency, and improve the overall shopping experience.

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