First virtual solo exhibition by Sundus Alibrahim

Enigmatic sojourns by Sundus Alibrahim

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jun 14, 2021 ( – “Enigmatic sojourns” by Sundus Alibrahim, is a collection of dilemmas, secrets, and mysteries that reflects Sundus’ drawings going to the universe.

Why give answers when there are only questions? Real stories are full of grace, self-awareness, family connections, and love. That’s how the artist bundles memories, creates moments, and ties them to her present time.


Sundus Alibrahim is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but she moved to Dubai in 2014. She always considers Dubai as a “home next to home” and part of her ongoing artistic journey, but she moved to Dubai in 2014. She always considers Dubai as a “home next to home” and part of her ongoing artistic journey.

Sundus started her career as a classic porcelain artist in the late nineties. She took several courses in porcelain Art in Germany and Italy, locations that influenced her style at that time through their rich heritage of the Renaissance and Classical European Art. There, she found herself painting historic figures like Napoleon.

As she moved back to Saudi Arabia, she realized that the environment that surrounded her heavily influenced her work. To elevate her style and art, she decided to change her environment and moved to New York where she learned about pop art, mixed media, and urban culture there. That marked her transition from classic to contemporary art. She was also lucky enough to travel the world and see how different cultures exhibit art so naturally. She wanted her art to be her own at this point, not classical, not European, not Arabian, but her distinct style. At that time one of her interests – her love for the youth – grew. Sundus believes in influencing the next generation to shine, became stronger through Art, so she transitioned from making art for her own pleasure to making art for a cause.

Dubai marks the most recent and meaningful pages in her life, there she constantly interacts with groups of creative minds that share the common desire and the passion to grow together and create a change in UAE.

In Dubai, she also found love, peace, and excitement

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Valentina della Rocca, PR Middle East


To explore the exhibition in the V-Art App –
To explore web version (available after the 9th of June) –

To join #EnigmaticSojourns

Opening on the 9th of June 1:00 pm EST/ 6:00 pm BST/ 8:00 pm EET / 9:00 pm GST – Zoom: or Facebook broadcast

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