DIY: How to resolve water-draining issue in your Samsung Semi-Automatic washing machine

Samsung semi-automatic washing machines promise a smooth and tension-free laundry session and takes utmost care of your favourite fabric. Just like the washing machine takes care of your clothes, it also needs some attention from you as well. If your machine’s washer is not draining water properly, you can easily make it work again by following a few simple steps.

1. Check the Tubs

There are two types of tubs present in Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machine – washtub and spin tub. In the first step, you need to identify which tub is causing the draining problem.

If the washtub is the cause of concern, then make sure that the drain selector on your washing machine is set to ‘Drain’. If you notice that the spin tub is causing trouble, then check the gap between the spin bucket and the tub. Sometimes, clothes might be stuck in this gap and in such situations, remove the items carefully. You can prevent objects being stuck in the gap by using a safety cover while washing clothes.


2. Check the Drain Pipe Placement

In many cases, if the drainpipe of your semi-automatic washing machine is not inserted properly into the drain hole, the washer might malfunction. To avoid this, make sure that the pipe spreads straight to the drain hole with no obstacles higher than 5cm in the way.

Also, remember to not extend the drainpipe beyond 3 meters while inserting it into the drain hole.


3. Keep the Drain Assembly and Drainpipe Clean

To ensure the washer of your Samsung semi-automatic washing machine functions properly, you must keep both the drain assembly and the drainpipe of the device clean at all times.

As the first step to clean the drain assembly, fill the washtub with fresh water from tap. Now, turn the drain selector knob 5-10 times with an interval of 2-3 seconds. This will aid in removing foreign objects or lint from the drain valve.

In case the draining issue persists, then you can clean the drainpipe manually. To do this, remove the pipe by pressing the metal clip and clean it under running water.


By following these three easy steps, the washer of your Samsung semi-automatic washing machine will not have any draining issue and you can enjoy seamless laundry session every day.


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