Discover the Science of Basmati Excellence: India Gate Basmati Rice Leads the Way

KRBL Limiteds India Gate Basmati Rice, the Worlds No.1 Basmati rice brand and a pioneer in packaged Basmati, continues to champion purity and authenticity with the launch of Phase 3 of its “Basmati Rice No Compromise” campaign which hinges on the new FSSAI standards for Basmati Rice that have come into effect from 1st August. In a determined effort to enhance public awareness and education, India Gate Basmati Rice is setting new standards in the Basmati rice industry.

India Gate – Basmati Rice No Compromise

With a multi-dimensional multimedia approach, this phase is aimed at encouraging people to select basmati rice responsibly. India Gate hopes to create trust in their promise to supply the finest basmati rice to homes across Indian markets by engaging with customers directly.

Phase 3: A Three-Pronged Approach

1. Television Campaign (TVC): India Gate Basmati Rice launches a captivating TVC introducing a interesting concept that reinforces its position as the “Asli” Basmati Rice. Encouraging consumers to make the switch from loose (Khulla) to packaged Basmati, this campaign aims to raise awareness about choosing wisely in light of the new FSSAI standards.

Watch the TVC Here

2. Digital Campaign: Through engaging digital films, India Gate leads the charge in promoting the shift from loose to packaged Basmati. These films capture the consumer’s dilemma at the point of sale while choosing the right basmati rice for the family. These films and interactive social media campaigns, aim to educate consumers about the benefits of choosing packaged Basmati.

Watch the Digital Film Here

3. Setting the Stage for Basmati Purity

India Gate in association Eat Right India (An FSSAI campaign), has been holding the first-ever “Basmati Rice No Compromise” Conclave 2023 across the nation. This movement, with an aim to educate the consumers about the regulations introduced on basmati rice by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), set off its road shows in the first leg including Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bhopal and will be followed by further cities, including Lucknow, Patna, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

This is the first time that the FSSAI has established identity requirements for multiple types of basmati rice, including brown basmati, milled basmati, parboiled brown basmati, and milled parboiled basmati. These rules, as specified in the Food Safety and Rules (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) First Amendment Regulations, 2023, were published in the Gazette of India.

Sharing his views on the commercial and educational campaign, Kunal Sharma, Head of Marketing at KRBL, explains, “We are committed to our customers, and we have taken it upon ourselves to educate them about eating right and the importance of choosing right. We laud the FSSAI for proactively creating an identification criterion for Basmati rice. These measures will certainly strengthen customer confidence in the authenticity and integrity of our precious basmati rice, both in India and globally. As the Worlds No. 1 basmati rice brand, India Gate is dedicated to maintaining the purity of basmati grains with respect to standards.”

The agencies that have worked with KRBL in bringing this campaign to life are Creative Land Asia, Lyxel & Flamingo, Wavemaker and Consocia Advisory. All the agencies came together to create a narrative to convey a strong message that showcases KRBL as a category leader and is committed to its goals.

KRBL Limited remains optimistic that this campaign will not only increase customer awareness but also foster an appreciation for the superior qualities of Basmati rice, further solidifying Indias position as a key player in the global basmati rice market.

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