Benefits of Owning a Galaxy Ecosystem

Imagine this: you are scrolling through YouTube on your phone, and you come across a video posted by one of your favourite YouTubers. Once you start playing the video, you realize that watching the video on your tablet would have been better. But to play the same video on your tablet, you have to go through steps like unlocking the tablet and opening the app and then searching the video and finally playing it. Owning a Galaxy ecosystem saves you from that hassle by helping you skip those tedious steps, providing you with uninterrupted, unlimited entertainment at your convenience.

Samsung has been a pioneer when it comes to meaningful innovations, and we always try catering to the ever-evolving needs of the consumers. When you own a Galaxy ecosystem, you get easy access to exclusive benefits like Auto Switch, App Continuity and Tablet Keyboard Share, which help you use multiple interconnected Galaxy devices seamlessly.

Let us have a look at how these features can help you in your day to day lives:

  • Auto Switch: With the Auto Switch feature on your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro, switching between your Samsung devices can be a breeze. For example, you are watching a movie on your Galaxy tablet and while watching the movie you get a call on your Galaxy smartphone. With the help of Auto Switch, you can simply answer your call and your Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch to the smartphone without even manually changing the Bluetooth connection. Once you are done with the call and resume the movie, the Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch back to the tablet.
  • App Continuity: App continuity helps users of Galaxy devices to seamlessly switch from their smartphone to their tablet, or vice versa, without restarting the app from the beginning. For example, you are shopping on your smartphone, and you want to look at the products on a bigger screen or let’s say you are shopping on your tablet and want to switch to your smartphone for payment. All you need to do is open the “Recent Apps” on the bottom left corner of your tablet, all the recent apps used will be visible. If you open Samsung internet from the bottom right of your tablet the same webpage from your smartphone will open so that you can continue shopping. Similarly, you can switch between your smartphone to tablet and vice versa by using the same process with the “Samsung Notes” app and continue work in progress.
  • Tablet Keyboard Share: Last but not the least, with the tablet Keyboard Share feature, you can use your tablet’s book cover keyboard can be used between Galaxy smartphones and tablets. To use this feature, you need a one-time simple registration process. Press the ‘Cmd’ and ‘Lang’ keys on the bookcover keyboard at the same time. A pop-up window for keyboard connection will appear on your smartphone. When selected, the tablet keyboard will automatically connect to your smartphone. Now you can easily type on your Galaxy smartphone using your tablet’s bookcover keyboard.

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