BDRSuite by Vembu Targets India as a Key Market for Backup Solutions: A Made in India and GeM Registered Product

Business Wire IndiaBDRSuite by Vembu, a leading provider of comprehensive and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions, recognizes the growing significance of India in the technology landscape and identifies it as a key market for backup solutions.

With an increasing demand for reliable and cost-effective backup services, BDRSuite sees an opportunity to contribute to India’s technological evolution. The company has outlined a comprehensive approach to establish a strong presence in the country, aiming to meet the evolving needs of businesses and enterprises with innovative and reliable solutions.

BDRSuite – #1 Cost-Effective Backup Software

BDRSuite by Vembu is the most cost-effective and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery software designed to protect data across diverse environments including Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM), Servers (Windows, Linux, FileShare/NAS), Endpoints (Windows, Linux, Mac), Cloud (AWS, Azure), SaaS applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace) and Applications & Databases (Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and MySQL). BDRSuite accommodates various business requirements by providing onsite, cloud, remote, and hybrid backup solutions and is ideal for SMBs, Enterprises and Service Providers.

BDRSuite’s dual commitment to being a ‘Made in India‘ product and being GeM registered reinforces its position as a reliable and locally endorsed choice for businesses seeking cost-effective backup solutions in India. This aligns with the preferences of partners and companies in search of certified products in India and underscores BDRSuite’s commitment to meeting the highest standards and regulations, a quality that resonates well with partners and customers globally.

BDRSuite has a global footprint with partners and customers spanning SMBs to Fortune 500 companies from diverse sectors, including private enterprises, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations. As the preferred backup solution for businesses worldwide, BDRSuite is also uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of the Indian market. BDRSuite has forged impactful partnerships with prominent entities in the Indian market, showcasing the company’s commitment to building a network of reliable associates who truly understand and value the efficacy of its backup solutions.
Recognizing the importance of establishing direct connections with users and exploring potential partnerships, BDRSuite team is all set to actively engage with the Indian audience by participating in various Tech Events, Expos, and industry gatherings throughout the year. The initiative aims to raise awareness about backup strategies and position BDRSuite as the go-to choice for businesses seeking robust and economical backup solutions.

Nagarajan Chandrasekaran, Vice President of Product Success at Vembu Technologies, shared, “BDRSuite’s focus on the Indian market reflects our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique backup needs of businesses in the region. Through active participation in tech events, we aim to engage directly with users, build partnerships, and raise awareness about our cost-effective backup solutions. As a Made in India product with GeM registration, we’re proud to align with the demand for certified products. Our partnerships with leading distribution partners in India, underscore our commitment to fostering strong collaborations in the dynamic Indian technology landscape.”

In the beginning of 2024, BDRSuite made significant strides participating in key industry events across India. Notably, the team garnered success at SAVEX TALKS, delivering impactful presentations in Kolkata (Jan 12), Chandigarh (Jan 17), and Jaipur (Feb 09). Following this, BDRSuite showcased its capabilities at the SITA IT EXPO, Surat, from Jan 19 – 22, where it stood out amidst a plethora of offerings.
These events serve as platforms for BDRSuite to engage with the Indian audience, share insights about effective backup strategies, and discuss the unique features that make BDRSuite the preferred choice for businesses worldwide. Dive into the details of BDRSuite’s upcoming events at
In summary, BDRSuite’s strategic participation in Indian Tech Events reflects its dedication to contributing to the Indian market’s growing demand for reliable backup solutions. BDRSuite by Vembu looks forward to building new partnerships, fostering collaborations, and further solidifying its presence in this dynamic and promising market.

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