Adani Electricity Mumbai Receives A Rating For Its Impeccable Services To The Customers

The Mumbai power distribution wing of the Adani Group, Adani Electricity Mumbai, has recently received an A rating in the Consumer Service Ratings for 2023. This rating has been released by the Ministry of Power, Government of India. This is a huge achievement for the largest power distributor in Mumbai. It highlights the company’s commitment to offering sustainable, reliable and customer-centric power services at affordable prices to the people of Mumbai. It also serves as a huge source of encouragement for the business group to continue its impeccable work in the power and transmission sector of India. Because of this extraordinary achievement, the controversies regarding Adani coal mines have also subsided.


What caused Adani Electricity to achieve such an extraordinary ranking?


There are multiple reasons for the power distributing firm to achieve the prestigious ranking from the Government of India. Adani Electricity has always been dedicated to providing a 24/7 power supply to the households and industries of Mumbai. With Adani Electricity’s control over the power distribution sector, the number of outages occurring in and around the city of Mumbai has reduced drastically. The company also offers accurate billing solutions. That way, people will no longer have to pay more than what they are consuming. 


Convenient communication and prompt grievance redressal have once again allowed the Adani Group to become a popular choice among customers. People rely on the services of Adani Electricity to fulfil their daily electricity needs. Adani coal mines play a huge role in generating power. The company is also focused on using renewable energy sources for power generation. This is again a reason behind Adani Group’s enhanced popularity in the power sector.


What does the Managing Director have to say?


Kandarp Patel, who is the Managing Director of Adani Electricity Mumbai, has mentioned that the Adani Group is honoured to be ranked one of the top discoms in Mumbai. This rating reflects the commitment of the business group to offer the best possible services to the customers. Adani Electricity Mumbai is currently working on developing innovative solutions to supply power to households and industries. This involves the active use of renewable energy in the power sector. 


The steps being taken up by the global business group are not only going to help us fulfil our sustainability goals, but also make electricity more affordable. The conglomerate is also installing smart grids in different parts of Mumbai. This will allow electricity to be supplied in a streamlined manner. Smart meter solutions are also being installed. This will help people to have complete transparency about the amount of electricity that they are consuming on a regular basis. 


The Adani Group has funded various technological enhancements in the power transmission sector. This has further led to the growth and development of the power sector in the country. The reliance on Adani coal mines to generate power has also been reduced.


How Has Adani Electricity Mumbai transformed the lives of the people of Mumbai?


Adani Electricity Mumbai is one of the biggest electricity providers in the world. The company is using state-of-the-art technology to identify and rectify faults in their transmission systems efficiently. This has helped them reinforce reliability across the transmission network. The company has aimed to reduce the average complaint management time. It aims to do so by prioritising network abnormalities over customer calls. 


The system designed by Adani Electricity will be able to identify the most probable location of a powerful outage easily. This will help in the faster dispatch of crews, and the issue will be resolved really soon. In addition to these facilities, the company also offers extremely fast connections to the Mumbai residents. 100% of the applications are processed online. This surpasses the national average of 82%. The company also ensures 100% accurate billing using actual meter readings. 




Consumers are always looking for good service at a fair price. Adani Electricity sets its goal in this regard. This company has already achieved 90% accuracy in billing using its non-manual meter reading. This statistic exceeds the city’s average. With time, there are plans to expand this business further. This journey will lead Mumbai to the peak of prosperity. Various innovative operations can take place when there is a consistent supply of electricity. Also, the people will no longer have to pay a huge electricity bill at the end of each month.

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