Xiaomi Mi 4 with Windows 10 ROM Support Officially Coming on December 3

Xiaomi surprised us with the Windows 10 Powered Mi Pad 2, and this time around, the company seems to be prepping a Windows 10 powered Xiaomi Mi 4, slated to be released on December 3rd. It is most likely that Xiaomi will release the ROM for the Mi 4. Mr Lin Bin, Xiaomi Founder and President has already released the teaser on Weibo.


Xiaomi had entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft some time ago in order to support the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview for the Mi 4. However, it is not yet clear if Xiaomi will release the ROM for all the Mi 4 users or the Mi 4 Windows device will retail as a separate variant altogether. Flashing a Windows 10 ROM to an Android phone directly might not be possible considering the fact that Windows phones need a double rig bootable kernel. That being said, Microsoft seems to be already prepping a way by which users could simply flash their Android phones with Windows 10 ROM.

The software is expected to have a dual boot option forcing you to make up your mind before taking the plunge. Windows 10 has been one of the most successful products from Microsoft in recent times, and they are turning no stones unturned in rekindling the Windows ecosystem. Assuming there will now be an option to simply flash the Windows 10 ROM, we are pretty sure some of the Android users might want try out the operating system.

Xiaomi has sold a staggering 34.7 Million handsets in the first half of 2015 and Microsoft can easily piggyback on the large numbers, thus helping the Redmond folks to boost the adoption rate of Windows 10 for Mobile. This unlocks a whole new level of competition to the OS wars, in the near future it might be possible for people to just buy a phone hardware and load it with the Operating System of their choice.

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