WUS Invited by Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Delhi, India:  Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center invited Mr. Prasoon Sharma- Founder & CEO, WUS for its new program, Circles: an individualized group mentorship & coaching experience for founders and entrepreneurs. Open to selected Founder & Entrepreneur community, a Circle is a multi-week commitment to solving entrepreneurs most pressing problems alongside industry expert mentors. Through this highly curated experience, Founders & Entrepreneurs will build peer connections, clear next steps and the capacity to be productive & resourceful while facing immediate changing circumstances and adversity.

WUS’s is building a unified digital community for workers, especially blue-collar workers. WUS aims to improve the lives of 500 million workers in India and 3.3 billion workers globally. WUS empowers workers by providing following services in local languages: know your rights, grievance redressal, rules-database, micro-financing, skill development, expert advice, government policies and programme related to their domain.

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