Winning an iPhone for just walking is a great reward, but getting fitter against all odds is the real achievement

Mumbai, August 10, 2020: StepSetGo, India’s fastest-growing fitness application is the second most engaging app in the free fitness app category, only after Aarogya Setu, as per data presented by SimilarWeb. It was built to address an acute point that people face while following a fitness routine. StepSetGo has made fitness not only rewarding but has also made it simple and fun. It records each step taken by the user, tracks calories lost and measures the distance walked. For every 1000 steps that you walk on the app, you are rewarded with 1 SSG Coin. The user collects these SSG coins over time by walking regularly and redeems them to avail exciting offers and completely free products on the Bazaar section of the app. The Bazaar is loaded with exciting rewards on electronic gadgets, apparel, online courses, wellness products, to even an iPhone. The fitness journey is engaging and motivating enough for the user to commit to a routine, which then leads to habit formation and an overall healthier lifestyle.

The application also has an arena section where users can compete with family, friends, relatives, and colleagues in fitness challenges leading towards building a fitter community. StepSetGo was launched in January 2019 and since then has managed to cross 5.9 million downloads wherein 95% of the users have been acquired organically.

We have seen stupendous response from our users who have happily shared their success and transformational stories. On multiple occasions, our users have suggested and motivated us to introduce new challenges in the arena section of the app. StepSetGo has received dozens of success stories where people have lost a considerable amount of weight and rewarded themselves. Recently, StepSetGo has had an opportunity to applaud 10 users who dedicatedly walked towards staying fit, losing weight, and went on to redeeming Apple iPhones.

Let’s take a look at some success stories

Akshat Satija

The journey till now has been phenomenal. It has motivated me to stay fit and has always made me crave more when it came to fitness. It has made me more dedicated to becoming healthier. I have made my family members, my friends & my colleagues join StepSetGo. Most importantly, I made my father start walking because of SSG. It’s not just about the reward or earning coins and purchasing products, the app pushes you to reach that daily limit with your fitness regime and become fit. With this app I started cycling, brisk walking, jogging, running; skipping has been a part of my daily routine.  Not a single day has passed when I have missed my physical activities since I joined StepSetGo. During the lockdown, I started indoor activities and SSG also supported users by changing features for indoor steps. From participating in marathons, playing badminton it has ignited a fire inside me and my craving for getting fit is at a higher level. I thank StepSetGo for making me go beyond my limit.

Rakesh Varma

Initially, I gained a little weight after my marriage and I was looking for a fitness related app that tracks my fitness as well as takes care of weight management. My brother in law suggested me to use StepSetGo. From that day onwards, StepSetGo has become a part of my life. On some days, before going to bed, if I hadn’t reached my daily limit of steps, I was unable to sleep! At that time I thought, I have to do this for the sake of my fitness, rewards are just additional benefits to maintain consistency. Finally, for my consistency, I have achieved this milestone. Thank you very much, StepSetGo for this nice initiative. You are keeping India fit and healthy. Take a bow!

Uma Shankar Renganathan

First of all, Thanks to StepSetGo for bringing an innovative way to make people healthy and reward their dedication. It felt great to be on Level 5 on the ninth day of signing up on this reward-based walking app. Of course, it was because of the tag mentioned for those who can stay on Level 5 – “StepSetGo Legend”.

Walking with StepSetGo has surely got me a new identity apart from my name. Had to remind a few individuals with the statement as “I come to your store by walking”, to make it easy for them to recognise whom they were speaking to over the phone and it always works.

Daily limits and challenges did certainly help me to stay away from Stress and Depression in difficult times. Sweating out to stay healthy went well with me. Sometime last year, I woke up feeling feverish yet I walked about a Kilometre to get daily essentials. That short walk made me feel better but not completely. With a belief that it would make me feel great, I took a long walk for 2 hours (covering up approximately 11 KM) and felt better without affecting the next day routine. Stay motivated with StepSetGo to Stay Fit and Claim your Dedication!

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