[Video] How Samsung Is Paving Its Way to the Future of Foldables

In just a short time, phones that can fold and flip have gone from a nostalgic memory to cutting-edge mobile technology. Combining an iconic design with modern functionality, foldables have flipped back into mainstream popularity — and this trend is only expected to continue.


Samsung Electronics is not only embracing this future but driving it. Using precise manufacturing processes that allow for the production of bendable, ultra-thin glass at scale, Samsung facilities are well-equipped to meet the rising demands of a smartphone era that mixes the old with the new.


Check out the video below and join Samsung on August 10 for the next Galaxy Unpacked event to learn more about the future of foldables. The event will be streamed live at 6.30pm IST on Samsung Newsroom and Samsung’s YouTube channelso make sure to tune in for a close-up look at the latest Galaxy devices.



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