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Synergy Life Science Releases Nebi, a Groundbreaking, Portable Nebulizer

Nebi is an effective, on-the-go method for medication delivery, recreational uses, and is a safe alternative to vaping for smoking cessation.

BUFORD, Ga. , Jan. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synergy Life Science, Inc. (“Synergy”), a company pioneering the development of novel ingredients and innovative products for the consumer health and wellness market, has developed Nebi: the first pocket-sized and fully battery-operated nebulizer for use in a variety of applications.

It has long been accepted that the lungs are one of the most effective pathways into the human body, as evidenced by the popularity of nebulizers for the delivery of medicines and therapeutics and the rise of vapes and electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation or recreational purposes. Evidence now definitively shows that vapes and e-cigarettes — often touted as healthy alternatives to traditional smoking — are extremely harmful to the lungs. The heated oils and inhaled vapors can build up deep in the lungs causing lasting damage, whether users are partaking in cannabis, nicotine, or even wellness blends.

Nebulizers, which utilize water or saline to deliver medicines directly to the lungs in a harmless vapor without heat or combustion, have been approved for decades as a safe, effective method to provide fast, efficacious treatments for consumers of all ages. While the size, treatment duration, and power requirements of traditional nebulizers’ have posed significant problems for consumers, Synergy has now solved that problem with Nebi.

“Developing novel technologies and unique delivery methods for active ingredients have been cornerstones of my career,” says Synergy CEO and Co-founder Chris Gerlach. “I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the trailblazing technology behind the Nebi handheld nebulizer. Combined with our patented ingredients, I firmly believe this product has the potential to change industries and lives.”

Nebi is powered by a rechargeable battery and is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, allowing easy access to nebulizer therapies on the go. Nebi operates with interchangeable, replaceable cartridges designed for various applications, conditions and indications by consistently delivering beneficial medicines and treatments in the form of safe, cool water vapor. This handheld nebulizer will initially focus on cannabis, wellness, and smoking cessation therapies and has tremendous potential to address many treatment possibilities across multiple industries.

“I have launched over 700 consumer products, and I believe this one has the potential to be the most successful of them all,” says Synergy President Tim Harrington. “Nebi is truly unlike any other product on the market, and I am delighted about the opportunity to debut a technology that meets such a critical health need in various markets.”

Nebi is expected to launch in spring 2023.

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About Synergy Life Science:

Synergy Life Science, Inc. is a leader in the research, development and production of innovative ingredients, and groundbreaking consumer products. Currently focused on cannabinoid-based, functional and active ingredients and supporting services, Synergy Life Science offers high-purity, patent-pending derivatives and custom product formulations for the health, wellness, and pharmaceutical industries. Connect with and follow Synergy on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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