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Support for recreational cannabis in Arizona polled at more than 60 percent

In this Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, photo, cannabis flowers hang in a drying room at Revolution Global’s cannabis cultivation center in Delavan, Ill. 

(The Center Square) – With signatures in review for a potential ballot initiative in November, a new poll shows marijuana legalization could become a reality in Arizona.

According to the most recent Arizona Public Opinion Pulse, a monthly poll of 600 likely voters, 62 percent now favor marijuana legalization. Only 32 percent are now in opposition. 

“Four years ago, marijuana legalization nearly came to fruition,” says Mike Noble, chief of research at OH Predictive Insights. “And less than four months before Election Day, Arizona is on the cusp of allowing the adults to use recreational pot.”

The latest figures are a sharp increase in support from December 2019, when an OHPI poll tagged the measure with 51 percent support, 42 percent in opposition. 

The most significant shift comes from adults 18-54 and Hispanic/Latino respondents. Urban, suburban and rural voters all share the same level of support for legalization. 

The primary source of opposition remains the same as it was in 2019: Republicans. 

According to the poll, 52 percent opposed cannabis legalization compared to 44 percent who supported it. 

Noble adds that, should the ballot initiative survive legal muster, there’s no prominent group that has mounted an opposition effort. 

“Unlike 2016, no credible group has raised significant money to oppose the marijuana legalization and that could be the biggest difference in 2020,” Noble said.

The polling was taken via phone from July 6 to July 7, 2020. 

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