Kolkata, 10th August, 2020:

South Eastern Railway has initiated a week long Cleanliness Drive from 10th August to 16thAugust, 2020 in its four Divisions viz. Kharagpur, Adra, Ranchi and Chakradharpur to mark the Independence Day. The objective of this kind of all pervasive Cleanliness Drive is aimed at total cleaning of Railway areas and station premises and at stalling the fast-expanding Covid-19 at railway places. The railway has embarked upon a cleaning drive mainly at its stations and other places which frequently come in touch with travelling public and rail users. While focusing o­n cleanliness of railway track, special attention is being given to plastic waste collection along with other waste materials.

 The areas which will be undertaken during the Cleanliness Drive include stations, parcel offices, waiting halls, booking counters, toilets, catering installations, circulating areas, foot over bridges, escalators, lifts, railway track at stations, workshops, pit line etc. Maintenance and Cleanliness of toilets and wash rooms of trains and stations is a continuous process and is being made regularly to improve their condition. Sanitisation of railway premises is also being undertaken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. SER has also stocked up o­n masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and aprons. Cleaning staff are advised to maintain safety precautions and social distancing while undertaking cleanliness drive.

Cleanliness drives will be undertaken at various places of railway in rotation basis upto 16th August, 2020. Efforts are also being made through Social Media to encourage and motivate rail users to adopt clean practices and help railways in maintaining cleanliness o­n trains and stations.

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