Sensational Shots From All Corners of the Globe: How Users Around the World Are Getting To Know the Galaxy S22 Series and Its Next-Level Camera

The Galaxy S22 series, announced earlier this year at February’s Unpacked event, has been designed to push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do, featuring Samsung Electronics’ most intelligent camera yet to let you capture vivid and crisp images, even in low light scenarios.

Since its launch, the Galaxy S22 series has been impressing users all over the globe thanks to a range of exciting events and collaborations put on by Samsung’s regional offices. From features at festivals to capturing the nighttime wonders of historic cities, the leading functionalities of the Galaxy S22 series have been being showcased in a range of innovative ways around the world.

In order to showcase how people have been celebrating the Galaxy S22 series and its next-level camera in unique ways, Samsung Newsroom has curated a list of some of the notable activities that have gone on since the introduction of this game-changing latest entrance into the Galaxy S series.

Going Global With the Galaxy S22 Series

Capturing the Night Using Nightography Mode in Lima, Peru

In Peru, Samsung hosted a vibrant night tour of the country’s capital Lima that allowed participants to capture next-level shots of the city’s distinctive architecture using the Galaxy S22 and its powerful Nightography mode.

As well as getting to experience the beauty of Lima at nighttime, those on the tour were able to document their experiences in full thanks to the S22’s powerful photo and video capturing functionalities. Learn more about the starlit tour here.


Capturing All Aspects of the Creation Process With Fat Cap Sprays and the Galaxy S22 in Germany

Notable graffiti artist, Fat Cap Sprays, is known for his glowing artworks that command attention. But due to the nature of the artist’s work—he often works under the cover of darkness—low lighting conditions have previously made it hard to capture both the artist’s working process as well as the end result.

However, through this exciting collaboration with Samsung, Fat Cap Sprays has been able to create, document and showcase his work from start to finish in almost any lighting condition with thanks to the Nightography mode of the Galaxy S22 series. Learn more about the collaboration and take a look at the video series Fat Cap Sprays and Samsung developed with help of the Galaxy S22here.

Harnessing the Power of the Galaxy S22 Camera for Lollapalooza Brasil

As exciting spaces in which to spend time with friends and enjoy great music, festivals are the perfect events for making memories that will last a lifetime. Lollapalooza Brasil 2022 is one such space at which Latin American music fans can get together and capture their experiences both with their loved ones and their favorite musicians.

In order to ensure that the photos and videos you capture are next-level, Samsung Brazil has put together this handy guide showcasing how the Galaxy S22 is a festival must-have in order to take your photos and videos to the next level. To learn more about how features such as Zoom Lock and Director’s View are the perfect tools for recording your experiences, read morehere.

Keeping Track of the Action With Dual Tele Zoom and More in Jakarta

The parade of Mandalika Moto GP racers held in Jakarta is a must-visit event for locals, tourists and racing enthusiasts alike, offering visitors a first-hand view of the riders and their bikes as they parade through the vibrant city.

In order to capture the parade in all its glory, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s powerful Dual Tele Zoom, capable of zooming in up to 100x, Director’s View feature and panning shooting functionality let eagle-eyed visitors capture the event just as it happened. Take a look at the stunning and action-packed resultshere.

Samsung Creates A New Guinness World Records Title With Epic Unboxing

In order to bring Galaxy users from all over the country together, Samsung India held a truly epic unboxing event for the Galaxy S22 series across 17 cities including New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai which saw 1,820 people simultaneously unbox the all-new Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Setting a Guinness World Record, the event showcased the anticipation of Indian Galaxy users for the all-new and ultra-powerful devices, and echoed the enthusiasm felt the world over for the latest iteration of the Galaxy S series. To learn more about this record-breaking act, take a look at the articlehere.

The Galaxy S22 Brings Light to the Darkness Through An Art Installation in Milan

At the core of the user experience of the Galaxy S22, and in particular its camera functionalities, is a fascinating intersection of technology and art. In order to showcase the artistic as well as the innovative capabilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its revolutionary Nightography mode, Samsung unveiled a commanding art installation project in Milan for the public to enjoy.

In collaboration with C2C Festival, Europe’s leading avant-garde event, the immersive art experience, created by visual designer Weirdcore and featuring musicians and composers, paired continuous rays of light with a dark background for a mind-bending experience inspired by the transformative results one can achieve with the Galaxy S22’s Nightography mode. Check out more details of the installation here.

Spotlighting Young Creators, Backed by the Galaxy S22’s Powerful Camera, in Belgium

These days, young content creators have incredible potential, and modern technology is allowing them to create their own stories and share them with others thanks to the leading camera functionalities of devices such as the Galaxy S22 series.

In order to provide a platform for young creators wanting to get their start in the film industry, Samsung held a video contest in partnership with leading Belgian film directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, with selected participants then able to attend workshops and flex their skills with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Portrait Mode in order to create compelling, high-quality video stories—even in low-light conditions. Learn more about the competitionhere.

Fostering the Ultimate Galaxy S22 Experience Zone in Guatemala City

Cayalá, a famed tourist destination in Guatemala City, saw its photo-worthy outdoor spaces transformed into an all-new kind of experience with the launch of Samsung’s immersive product experience space to celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S22 series.

With 4 experience zones titled Nightography, S Pen, Reflection and Mirror, visitors have been able to get to know the impressive features and functionalities of the all-new Galaxy S22 series in unique ways alongside the compelling backdrop of the popular Cayalá district. Get a closer look at the vibrant installationhere.

Expressing the Galaxy Experience Through the Power of Music in Colombia

In order to highlight that all of Samsung’s devices have creativity at the core of their experience, Samsung Colombia decided to introduce the Galaxy S22, along with the Galaxy Tab S8 and The Freestyle, through a musical presentation that showcased the true identity of each product.

Featuring musicians, dancers and leading members of the Samsung Colombia community, the presentation not only enthralled guests with its artistic twist, but also showcased the differentiated power of Samsung’s latest devices in impressive fashion. Learn more about this musical experiencehere.

Showcasing the Galaxy S22 Series While Surrounded by History in Breda

Koepelgevangenis, located in Breda, the Netherlands, is a former prison built in the late 19th-century with a storied history, and has been designated a national monument by merit of its striking architecture featuring a monumental dome.

Understanding that the intersect of where past meets present is the starting place for future progress and innovation, Samsung held a launch event for the all-new Galaxy S22 series in the notable building, at which users were able to get to know the devices’ Nightography mode in all its glory. Learn more about this immersive even there.

Be sure to stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more on the revolutionary Galaxy S22 series and its game-changing camera.

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