Samsung Members App: Enabling Galaxy Users to Voice their Suggestions

33 of your amazing ideas have improved Galaxy devices in last one and a half years

Ever came up with ideas that could have made your smartphone experience better? Ever had to drop those ideas as there was nothing that you could do to make your voice heard? Well, certainly not with Galaxy devices!

Samsung constantly works towards creating a community that is driven by meaningful innovations based on consumer feedback. Your uber cool suggestions are always welcome on the Samsung Members app, a community that enables Galaxy users to voice their ideas and valuable feedback.

You suggested, we implemented

Over the last one and a half year, we have received some crazy ideas from Galaxy users. Implementing the viable suggestions has in turn, helped us take the Galaxy experience to a whole new level. 33 of your amazing ideas have improved Galaxy devices in last one and a half years.

“At Samsung, we believe in being constantly connected with our customers. With Samsung Members app on their Galaxy devices, customers can reach us directly for any kind of product feedback or any assistance. It is a go-to-place for customers to interact with Samsung and with their peer set. It is as easy as posting a comment on your friends’ social media posts. Sharing constant feedback has never been this effortless,” said Reshma Virmani, Director, Services & Engagement, Samsung India.

Voice your suggestions here

Wondering how does it work? The answer lies in just one word – communication. The Samsung Members App creates a smooth communication channel between Galaxy users and Samsung researchers. All the comments posted by the community are monitored on a daily basis.

Taking communication to a whole new level, we also proactively ask for suggestions through the Innovation Lab series. Every week Samsung Members are given a specific topic, for which they can share their feedback and suggestions.

The comments we receive through the Samsung Members app are segregated into various sections depending upon the areas they touch. These suggestions are then relayed to specific teams to be tested for feasibility. The ones that are found feasible are readily implemented.

We heard your ideas loud and clear

Some great examples of the suggestions made by Samsung Members that we later brought into effect are Dark mode on call UI, double-tap to switch off the screen, addition of free space and free RAM to the widget, enabling split-screen multitasking from the app’s edge panel.

Other super useful features suggested by Samsung Members include the ability to control ambient sound status by touch and hold gesture for Galaxy Buds Pro, clipboard support for Galaxy M-series, last 3 exercises visible under the exercise menu in Samsung Health, adding Samsung Pay in M31s and M51, more ways to redeem points earned on Samsung Pay and many more. All of these changes would have never made it to your devices if you weren’t communicating with us real time.

By including these amazing suggestions from our Samsung Members, fans and consumers, we are constantly improving the Galaxy user experience. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the community section of the Samsung Members app and share your thoughts with us. The 34th implementation could be yours!

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