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Rhino Health to Deliver Enterprise Federated Computing Solutions in Collaboration With NVIDIA

BOSTON, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rhino Health, the global leader in federated computing, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to provide an enterprise-hardened federated computing solution for enterprises worldwide. This collaboration will empower organizations in healthcare, life sciences, and other industries to unlock the power of their data while helping deliver the highest levels of security and privacy — both for data and intellectual property.

Federated computing allows for collaborative AI model training without moving the underlying data. This approach is particularly valuable in industries such as healthcare, where centralizing data presents a compliance and privacy risk. Rhino Health’s CEO, Dr. Ittai Dayan, and NVIDIA’s Global Head of Medical AI, Dr. Mona Flores, previously collaborated on a landmark publication on federated learning in healthcare, titled “Federated learning for predicting clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19,” published in Nature Medicine. This paper showed the incredible potential of this alternative to data centralization, which facilitated collaboration among 20 leading global hospitals in a matter of weeks.

The Rhino Federated Computing Platform (Rhino FCP), leverages the NVIDIA FLARE federated learning framework and edge computing technologies to break down data silos, helping enable secure collaboration across hyperscalers, data centers, and geographic boundaries. This industry-agnostic solution has already gained strong traction in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, where data privacy is paramount. It is additionally now available for users in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, and other sectors.

NVIDIA FLARE is an open-source, domain-agnostic, privacy-preserving federated computing and federated learning framework that can leverage many of the NVIDIA’s AI technologies, including confidential computing, NVIDIA BioNeMo, NVIDIA Holoscan, NVIDIA MONAI, NVIDIA NeMo, and NVIDIA cuGraph, as well as XGBoost. It has been adopted in applications such as autonomous vehicles, financial services fraud detection, cancer study, drug discovery, LLM tuning, federated retrieval-augmented generation, energy leak detection, and more.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform provides additional tools – including NVIDIA MONAI Toolkit and NVIDIA Inference Microservices (NIM) – to streamline the development and deployment of AI models. NVIDIA Clara is an AI-powered healthcare platform with libraries specifically designed for medical imaging, genomics, and drug discovery. NVIDIA MONAI Toolkit contains the SDKs necessary to build medical models, including annotation, training, validation, and federated learning components with NVIDIA FLARE. This combination of Rhino FCP and NVIDIA AI technologies provides a powerful toolkit to help AI developers unlock the potential of federated learning in healthcare and beyond, all while protecting patient data and packaged in an enterprise-ready offering.

“We are proud of this work, part of our long, productive relationship with NVIDIA, and excited to offer our users a streamlined way of working with the full suite of NVIDIA products via Rhino FCP,” said Rhino Health co-founder & CEO Dr. Ittai Dayan.

“Rhino Health’s federated computing solution, powered by NVIDIA FLARE, is enabling open collaboration to facilitate the training of AI models — essential capabilities to drive the advancement of AI innovation within industries, like healthcare, that handle highly sensitive data,” said Brad Genereaux, global lead of healthcare alliances at NVIDIA.

About Rhino Health

Rhino Health is activating the world’s data through federated computing. The company is headquartered in Boston, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv. Visit https://www.rhinohealth.com/ to learn more.

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