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Programmes to Enhance the Wages of Workers in Textile Industry

Ministry of Textileshas launched following programmesto enhance the wages of workers in textile industry:       

SAMARTH (Scheme for Capacity Building In Textile Sector): To address the shortage of skilled workers in the Textile sector, Government has launched Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS) to provide demand-driven, placement oriented skilling programme. It incentivizes the efforts of the industry in creating jobs in the organized textile and related sectors. Besides, it promotes skilling and skill up-gradation in the traditional sectors through respective sectoral divisions/organizations of Ministry of Textiles. It helps to provide livelihood to all sections of the society across the country. The Scheme sets a target to train 10 lakh persons.

Under Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP), 24 greenfield parks have been completed. State wise list of completed park is given as Annexure-I.

SITP is being implemented with a view to increase investment, generate employment opportunities and to boost exports in the textile sector.  The primary objective of SITP is to provide financial assistance to a group of entrepreneurs to establish state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities in a cluster for setting up their textile units, conforming to international environmental and social standards, SITPs are expected to mobilize private investment in the textile sector and generate fresh employment opportunities. The Scheme targets industrial clusters and locations with high growth potential.  The scheme provides that for skilling the manpower required, the units in the textile parks can avail benefits under the “SAMARTH”- The scheme for Capacity Building in Textile sector.


State wise list of completed parks


Sl. No. Name of the Park State
1 Brandix India Apparel City Private Limited Andhra Pradesh
2 Gujarat Eco Textile Park Limited, Surat Gujarat
3 Mundra SEZ Textile & Apparel Park Limited, , Kutch, Gujarat
4 Fairdeal Textile Park Pvt. Ltd., Surat Ltd Gujarat
5 Vraj Integrated Textile Park Limited , Ahmadabad Gujarat
6 SayanaTextile Park Ltd.,Surat, Gujarat
7 Surat Super Yarn Park Limited, Surat Gujarat
8 RJD Integrated Textile Park, Surat Gujarat
9 Doddabalapur Integrated Textile Park, Doddabalapur Karnataka
10 Metro Hi-Tech Cooperative Park Limited, Icchalkaranji, Maharashtra
11 Pride India cooperative Textile park Limited, Icchalkaranji Maharashtra
12 Baramati Hi Tech Textile Park Limited, Baramati Maharashtra
13 Deesan Infrastructure,  Pvt Ltd., Dhule Maharashtra
14 AsmeetaInfratechPvt Ltd , Thane Maharashtra
15 Islampur Integrated Textile Park Pvt Ltd., Sangli Maharashtra
16 Latur Integrated Textile Park Pvt Ltd, Latur Maharashtra
17 Lotus Integrated Tex Park, Punjab, Barnala Punjab
18 Next Gen Textile Park Pvt Ltd , Pali Rajasthan
19 Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt Ltd, Jaipur Rajasthan
20 Palladam Hi-Tech Weaving park, Palladam Tamil Nadu
21 Karur Integrated Textile Park, Karur Park Tamil Nadu
22 Madurai Integrated Textile Park Ltd, Madurai Tamil Nadu
23 Pochampally Handloom Park Limited Telangana
24 Komarpalayam Hi-Tech Weaving Park Tamil Nadu


This information was given in a written reply by the Minister of State for Textiles Smt. DarshanaJardosh in Rajya Sabha today.

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