Moms Looking for the Gift of ‘Me Time’ this Valentine’s Day: Mylo Poll

Motherhood can be a challenging and rewarding journey, and on Valentines Day, moms deserve a little extra love and attention for all they do. Thats why Mylo, a leading one-stop solution for expecting and new moms, conducted a poll with 3000 mothers across India, to shed light on what they look forward to the most on this special day. Mylo found that a third of the moms would prefer having quality time to themselves to unwind and relax, rather than receiving gifts and surprises from their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Just as many moms said it is important to spend quality time with their partners, and look forward to special time alone with them.

The poll also revealed almost 20% of moms expect extra time to sleep in, be completely free from household chores and get re-energised on this special day, showcasing their commitment to come back rejuvenated to juggle their multiple responsibilities.

While they want some time for themselves, moms also want to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful with their partners. A majority (61%) said that they would like to spend some quality time together as compared to being showered with gifts or cards (4%). It’s the little things like holding hands and hugs that are valued (26%).

The poll highlights the importance of taking a moment to appreciate the hard-working moms in our lives and to show them love and appreciation for everything they do, on Valentines Day. Whether its through a special outing, quality time together, or even just a few extra hours of sleep, every little gesture can make a big difference in making a mom feel loved and appreciated,” said Shaveta Gupta, Head, Content & Community, Mylo.

About Mylo

Mylo is a leading one stop solution for expecting and new mothers. It acts as a close companion to mothers as they embark upon this journey of raising a family. The platform provides a personalised experience, a helpful community of mothers & experts, and curated products – everything a mother needs for her parenting journey. Last year, Mylo launched its own D2C Brands for Mothers & Babies in personal care, premium Ayurveda and daily essentials based on community feedback and leveraging its R&D capabilities. Recently, Mylo has launched Mylo Clinic where a new or expecting mom gets access to curated health packages and can book consultations with doctors and experts. Mylo has recently raised $17 mn in Series B funding. At Mylo, the company’s vision is to – “Raise Happiness” of all mothers as “Happy moms raise happy families“. This year, Mylo has also been recognized by Forbes as the D2C Disruptor in the mother & baby space.

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