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Ministry of Education organises webinar on ‘Towards an Equitable and Inclusive Society: Realizing the Goals of NEP 2020’

On the occasion of completion of one year of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is launching some important initiatives. As part of the initiatives a series of theme-based webinars have been planned for eight days marking one year of NEP 2020. In this context the Department of School Education and Literacy & NCERT organized a National Webinar on ‘Towards an Equitable and Inclusive Society: Realizing the Goals of NEP 2020’ today.  Minister of State for Education Smt. Annpurna Devi and senior officials of the Ministry of Education attended the webinar.

In her opening remarks, Smt. Annpurna Devi stated that the NEP 2020 aims to provide high quality equitable and inclusive education. It provides guidelines for the education of all so that all children, regardless of their diverse learning need and background, can be successful in developing and realizing their full human potential, she said. Interventions are required in multiple dimensions including curriculum and pedagogy for inclusion of children belonging to SEDGs especially girls and transgender children.

Director, NCERT welcomed the Minister and other dignitaries. He highlighted the different aspect of the theme in the context of NEP 2020 and appreciated the speakers who would be highlighting the field experiences.

The Webinar focussed on three themes which were:

  • Experiences in Addressing Issues and Challenges in Achieving an Equitable and Inclusive Society
  • Inclusion of Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs) with Focus on Girls Education: Taking Forward the provisions of NEP 2020
  • Effective Interventions for Inclusion of All as per Vision of NEP 2020: Reflections from the Field

Invited speakers from different organisations and intuitions included Rama Krishna Mission, Room to Read, SwaTaleem Foundation, St. Mary’s School, National Skill Development Corporation, ITL Public School, Vijnana Vihara Residential School, Bharat Bharti etc. working in the area of inclusive education, including girls’ education and empowerment shared their perceptions and experiences in overcoming adversities and making actionable interventions in the field.The sessions were coordinated by NCERT faculty. Each session began with a presentation of the themes and NCERT’s recent initiatives in the context of NEP 2020 highlighting equitable and inclusive education.

Some highlights of the National Webinar focussing on goals of NEP 2020 were –

  • Effective implementation of the RPWD Act
  • Constitution of Special Task Force to carry out Foundational Literacy and Numeracy of Children with Hearing Impairment
  • Teaching-Learning Interventions for Inclusive Education
  • Promoting inclusive practice including remote and border areas in the concept of inclusion
  • Focus on skill development for sustainable economic empowerment of girls
  • Enhancing 21stcentury skills among girls especially leadership and decision making skill
  • Early identification and creation of barrier free environment in an around schools
  • Vocational Education and life skills to be developed especially during ten bag less days
  • Value education to form an important component of school curriculum
  • Involvement of Volunteers and community members in educational interventions
  • Inclusion to be seen as a way of life by building partnership with various stakeholders

These deliberations will be disseminated for guiding various stakeholders in realising the goals of NEP 2020 for an equitable and inclusive society.

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