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Massachusetts Agricultural High School Selects PowerSchool Student Information Cloud for Student Information System and Special Programs Capabilities

Norfolk County Agricultural High School adds PowerSchool SIS and PowerSchool Special Programs


“Every major aspect of the system works well including grading, attendance, schedule, and student and parent portals,” said Patricia Olen, Data Administrator, Norfolk County Agricultural High School. “We have a unique schedule being a vocational school, but PowerSchool SIS was able to accommodate it and other intricacies with our programming and staffing. Feedback from our users has been very positive.”

PowerSchool SIS is designed to help schools manage their operations by boosting productivity, highlighting problem areas, enhancing communication, and ensuring funding with simplified state compliance reporting. With PowerSchool SIS fully implemented, Norfolk Aggie is able to utilize the mobile app and its alerts and easily integrate with Google Classroom for assignments and grades.

Special Programs will support Norfolk Aggie educators by providing staff with the ability to simplify management of crucial data and documentation, improving support for students with different needs. With multiple modules in Special Programs geared toward Special Education Case Management, Gifted and Talented, 504 Plan Accommodation, English Language Learners, and more, Norfolk Aggie will have access to key resources for the management of special education efforts across its institution.

Norfolk Aggie is a public high school that provides an academic and agricultural science vocational experience, with hands-on learning for over 600 students from the 28 towns of Norfolk County as well as more than 40 out-of-county towns. The school is situated on 365 acres in Walpole and offers specialty training to students who are interested in Animal and Marine Science, Agricultural and Diesel Mechanics, Environmental Science, and Horticulture (Plant) Science. Norfolk Aggie also offers an internship program and a cooperative education program featuring hands-on offsite education. Students have both academic and vocational courses and travel between multiple buildings on campus every day.

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