Lenovo bids goodbye to Vibe brand

Lenovo has acquired Motorola from Google about a year back. In the past one year, we have seen the company trying to maximize synergies between the two groups and growing their market share in process.


Recent reports are suggesting that Lenovo will be fading out its Vibe brand now. This statement was made by none other than Chen Xudong, president of Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group in conversation with Tech QQ .

In the global markets, Lenovo is offering smartphone under three brands – Lemon, Vibe and Motorola. The Vibe series usually comprises of the mid-to-high-end range of smartphones, while the affordable smartphones usually are nestled under the Lemon range.

Going forward, Lenovo will be pushing its mid-range offering under the Motorola brand. By doing this, the company will also make sure that it is not cannibalising its own brand. However, one cannot forget the fact that most Lenovo phones come with a skin while Motorola offers stock Android experience out-of-the-box. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Commenting on this move, the research firm Canalys said, “Lenovo kills Vibe smart phone brand to give way to Motorola in the mid-to-high end. Will help simplify portfolio and reduce cannibalisation.”

In the last one year, we have seen very interesting smartphones from both Lenovo and Motorola brands and we are hoping that with the dilution of the Vibe brand, it will be able to cater to different consumer groups more appropriately.

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