Johnnette Technologies Becomes the First Indian Startup to Get Contract From Indian Army to Supply More Than 150 JM-1 Loitering Munitions to Operate at 18,000 ft Altitude

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The Indian Army has awarded a strategic contract to Johnnette Technologies Private Limited for the procurement of 150 state-of-the-art loitering munitions, marking a significant milestone in India’s defence autonomy under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.
Johnnette Technologies, a leader in defence technology, has developed the JM-1, a precision-guided loitering munition engineered for tactical engagements. The acquisition of the JM-1 underscores the Indian Army’s commitment to enhancing its tactical capabilities with advanced, locally-produced technology. It has a unique algorithm which is based on AI that enables JM-1 to strike a target with precision at altitudes of more than 18,000 ft.
Founded in 2014 by retired Lt Cdr John Livingstone, Johnnette Technologies has been at the forefront of unmanned systems technology, offering innovative solutions to the military and commercial sectors. The company’s dedication to high-quality aerospace systems is evident in its continued expansion and success.
“We believe this Johnnette JM-1 contract, reaffirms our dedication towards producing high-quality defence products and our support for Atmanirbhar Bharat,” said Lt Cdr John Livingstone, Founder and CEO of Johnnette Technologies. “This contract capitalizes on our experience collaborating closely with our defence clients and our position as a leading provider of high-quality, rapidly deployable UAVs and loitering munitions for the Indian military.”
The JM-1 boasts impressive capabilities, with max tested launch altitude at 18,000 feet and a maximum altitude for operations at 500 meters. With a range of 5 km and a flight endurance of up to 25 minutes, the JM-1 is equipped with advanced GPS navigation and onboard computing systems to ensure precise targeting and control. The flexibility of launch methods, either via canister or by hand, makes it adaptable to various mission requirements.
This contract builds on Johnnette Technologies’ previous success in December 2023 with the Indian Army, following the supply of their flagship tactical fixed-wing drone, the Johnnette JF-2, for border surveillance operations.

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