Infobip’s New Research Reveals a 43.51% Rise in WhatsApp Usage in India in 2023

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In its comprehensive global messaging trends report, Infobip, a leading global cloud communications platform, revealed a significant 43.51% year-on-year increase in WhatsApp messaging in India throughout 2023. From an extensive analysis of more than 473 billion digital communications interactions between businesses and consumers on its platform, Infobip’s research uncovers the latest global business messaging trends. It sheds light on the influence of conversational customer experiences and generative AI advancements on interactions between customers and brands.
In India, business interactions increased by 155.51%, 166.09%, and 36.06% on mobile app messaging, social media, and email, respectively. A notable example from India is Tata AIA Life Insurance, which recorded approximately 3000 customers successfully making payments worth Rs. 40 million for renewal through WhatsApp. Meanwhile, Rich Communication Services (RCS) emerges as a potential channel for conversational experiences. Globally, the company observed a surge of 137% in mobile app messages, a 73% uptick in social media messages, and a 63% rise in chat app messages in 2023 compared to the previous year. These statistics highlight the growing prevalence of conversational experiences across various customer journey touchpoints, spanning marketing, commerce, and support interactions.
In terms of sectors, Retail & eCommerce and healthcare have significantly increased the adoption of varied messaging channels worldwide. In India, Professional and Educational Services recorded a significant rise of 111.59%, while travel and hospitality saw a 74.79% increase. Other sectors embracing the changing consumer preference in terms of interactions are media, entertainment, and real estate. 
Harsha Solanki, VP GM – Asia, Infobip, said, “Our research indicates the popularity of conversational experiences among businesses with use-cases across support, marketing, and sales. In India, WhatsApp has emerged as the preferred communication channel among businesses, reflecting its unparalleled reach and user-friendly interface. As we witness its exponential popularity, it’s evident that WhatsApp is not just a messaging platform but a vital conduit for fostering meaningful connections with customers. Additionally, the advent of RCS presents tremendous potential to further enhance customer engagement and enrich business communication experiences. With the rise of interactive AI, it’s anticipated that brands will integrate a network of diverse chatbots and AI algorithms collaboratively, facilitating timely actions at pivotal stages throughout the customer journey.”
Regional difference
With brands adopting conversational experiences globally, there are some regional differences:
  • Africa: Conversational channels gain traction, with social media messages increasing nearly 2.5 times.
  • Asia Pacific: Strong growth in mobile app messaging, with WhatsApp increasing by four times.
  • Europe: Rapid growth for RCS, as interactions increase by 11 times.
  • Latin America: Strong growth in mobile app messaging, with Viber rising by more than 2.5 times.
  • Middle East North Africa: Rapid adoption of conversational channels, as voice and video interactions double.
  • North America: Exponential growth in rich messaging, with RCS interactions increasing by 50 times.
The changing role of SMS
Infobip’s data from 2023 shows that SMS remains an important channel for business communication, but usage is changing where SMS is now being used alongside chat apps. Across all industries, brands most commonly use SMS with WhatsApp, with 25% of businesses choosing this combination. Moreover, where businesses and brands use two channels, SMS is one of the two options in 63% of cases.

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