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Ikonisys and Ulisse Biomed Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Innovation in Cancer Diagnostics

PARIS & TRIESTE, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory News:

Ikonisys SA (Euronext Growth Paris: ALIKO), a company specializing in the early and accurate detection of cancers through a unique, fully automated solution for medical analysis laboratories, and Ulisse Biomed S.p.A. (“UBM”) are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to enhance their technical and commercial capabilities in cancer diagnostics.

UBM is a healthcare biotech company operating in diagnostics, theranostics and therapeutics, and thus capable of generating innovative and competitive products in these fields thanks to its three proprietary technology platforms.

A key aspect of this collaboration is the integration of UBM’s expertise in Molecular Biology alongside with Ikonisys’ Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC) and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) technology. This integration is set to provide innovative cancer diagnostics by offering comprehensive and precise diagnostic capabilities that can greatly enhance patient outcomes. In the framework of this partnership:

  • The Companies will explore cross-selling and co-marketing opportunities through their sales networks to maximize market penetration and leverage product and service synergies. A mutual distribution agreement will be defined in a second step.
  • Ikonisys and UBM are committed to working together to explore and develop new business opportunities. This partnership reflects their shared goal of innovating and growing by combining skills and resources. A technical deep dive will also thus be conducted to discuss potential production and OEM agreements, aiming to optimize production techniques and ensure high product quality. This initiative will integrate the technical expertise of both Companies, promoting innovative and competitive solutions in cancer diagnostics.

The partnership will first take place with the installation and mutual training of instruments at Hospitex Lab in Florence, part of the IKONISYS Group1, which is scheduled between end of June and mid-July. Thanks to this cooperation, the Companies will be able to familiarize themselves with each other’s technologies and expertise, fostering closer technical cooperation.

In Autumn 2024, Ikonisys and UBM will co-organize a demo day to showcase their technologies and products to customers. This event will be the opportunity to assess the added value of their collaboration, allowing direct interaction with customers, gathering feedback, and thus identifying market opportunities.

Nicola Basile, CEO of Ulisse Biomed, stated: “We consider Ikonisys as a partner with many strategical fits with UBM Group, from a technological perspective to a commercial synergy. We foresee a great collaboration ahead. In the last months, we have been working on our integration with Hyris and this partnership confirms we are on the right path to be a relevant player in the market with significant solutions for customers and prospects.”

Mario Crovetto, CEO of Ikonisys, added: “UBM’s innovative technology and vision are perfectly aligned to Ikonisys’ development strategy, especially with the recent integration of Hyris. Following the announcement of Hospitex integration on our end, which is still ongoing, this partnership attests of our relentless commitment to further maximizing value for our shareholders and offering integrated and accurate diagnostics solutions to our customers. By joining forces with UBM, we are positioned to accelerate our growth strategy, by further broadening our core business and expanding our sales network.”

About Ulisse BioMed

Ulisse Biomed S.p.A. is the head of a healthcare biotech group active in the development of innovative solutions in the fields of diagnostics, theranostics and therapeutics. Through its subsidiary Hyris Limited, the group operates in the cloud computing sector in the biotech field. UBM and Hyris constitute an integrated group operating in the in vitro diagnostics industry, and in particular in molecular biology, with a distinctive positioning guaranteed by the presence of the entire industrial chain and the technological innovation characteristics of the reagents designed and produced by UBM, on the one hand, and the instrumentation and interpretation software of Hyris, on the other.

About Ikonisys

Ikonisys SA is a cell-based diagnostics company based in Paris (France), New Haven (Connecticut, USA) and Milan (Italy) specialized in the early and accurate detection of cancer. The company develops, produces and markets the proprietary Ikoniscope20® and Ikoniscope20max® platforms, fully-automated solutions designed to deliver accurate and reliable detection and analysis of rare and very rare cells. Ikonisys has received FDA clearance for several automated diagnostic applications, which are also marketed in Europe under CE certification. Through its breakthrough fluorescence microscopy platform, the company continues to develop a stream of new tests, including liquid biopsy tests based on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).

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1Ikonisys to Acquire Hospitex International and Become an Integrated Cancer Diagnostic Leader”, on November 30, 2023


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