GV Safety Assessment Platform (GVSAP) and Biocytogen Forge Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Business Wire IndiaGV Safety Assessment Platform (GVSAP), a leading integrated R&D enabler offering comprehensive preclinical research solutions, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Biocytogen, a leader in industry-leading technologies that propel drug discovery. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in biomedical research, aimed at bolstering the R&D endeavors of Indian researchers by democratizing cutting-edge tools and technologies.
Through this strategic alliance, Indian biomedical researchers will gain unparalleled access to Biocytogen’s expertise in providing Humanized research models, other Off-the-shelf models and products, and Gene Targeting Services offered under Biocytogen’s sub-brand BioMice.
Headquartered at Genome Valley, Hyderabad, GVSAP, a subsidiary of GV Research Platform (GVRP), boasts AAALAC International and OECD-GLP compliant facilities spanning over 30,000 square feet. With a state-of-the-art modern vivarium featuring dedicated SPF breeding and preclinical testing areas, GVSAP ensures the highest standards of research integrity and animal welfare.
Kalyan Korisapati, Co-Founder & CEO of GVRP, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our company, GVSAP already serves as a preferred distributor of high-quality traditional and immunocompromised SPF rodents for customers in India. Our collaboration with Biocytogen marks a monumental milestone in our mission to propel biomedical innovation forward. Biocytogen’s expertise in creating engineered models that mimic the interaction between drug and human targets aims to provide the Indian Biopharma community with convenient access to precision research.”
Yuelei Shen, CEO of Biocytogen, emphasized the partnership’s potential, stating, “Biocytogen empowers researchers with innovative tools and technologies. With India’s rising prominence in biopharma R&D, it’s a pivotal hub for advanced solutions like humanized mice. By leveraging GVSAP’s extensive reach in the Indian biopharma community, we are poised to catalyze pioneering discoveries and accelerate Indian biomedical research through this collaboration.”
By amalgamating GVSAP’s global network, top-tier infrastructure, and skilled talent pool with Biocytogen’s unparalleled expertise in genetic engineering and model development, the alliance aims to expedite the innovation of scientific discoveries.
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