EZTax Improved EZ-Help to Enhance Taxpayer Experience and to Reduce IT Filing Errors

Business Wire IndiaEZTax, the leading tax compliance portal in India, has announced substantial improvements to its EZ-Help feature today. These improvements are designed to assist Indian taxpayers in submitting their Income Tax Return (ITR) in a more efficient and straightforward manner, while also reducing the likelihood of errors.

EZTax has integrated EZ-Help, a feature that provides taxpayers with field-by-field assistance to ensure that they know the interpretation of each field or column in the ITR questionnaires. EZTax recognized that the tax code is complex, and a typical taxpayer who files taxes online may not be aware of the sections, limits, and restrictions. 
For that matter, even the experienced tax consultants face difficulty in understanding all the tax act changes during the year to adopt with their clients.
EZ-Help, in contrast to a traditional user manual or tax act, automatically displays the assistance, rules, and limits associated with the selected IT Filing Service. For example, a user of EZTax who is filing taxes for the 2024-25 assessment year would be assisted based on the regulations that are pertinent to that assessment year.
“EZTax improved India’s 1st EZ-Help feature on its IT Filing Platform to enable new tax filers to file their taxes with ease.”
Suneel Dasari, EZTax’s Founder & CEO, said, “Team EZTax, with extensive experience in the development of software services (SaaS), recognized that the EZ-Help feature was a valuable asset in enabling new tax filers to obtain quick help without the assistance of a tax consultant. This has led to increased acceptance of our self-service Income Tax Filing services.”
Mr. Dasari additionally stated, “As an authorized ERI (e-Return Intermediary) by the Income Tax Department, one of the many benefits is that automatic tools like EZ-Help make it easier to help people, Tax Optimiser helps people save more on taxes, and Never-Lost makes it easy to go through multiple IT questionnaires.”
EZ-Help feature is accessible for both taxpayers and tax consultants who use EZTax ITR Portal while using PC or Mac Browsers. Also, accessible when using apps from all major mobile platforms, including the Apple App Store, Android Play Store, and Microsoft Windows.
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Since 2016, EZTax has been assisting taxpayers and has made tax consultation services an integral part of its service offerings, which include income tax, GST, TDS, business advisory, and compliance. Today, EZTax is helping not only the Indian resident taxpayers but also the NRIs located in 39+ countries around the world. 

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